'The Following' Recap: Joe's Epic Plan Gets Underway
'The Following' Recap: Joe's Epic Plan Gets Underway
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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With just two more episodes to go of The Following this season, I expected a little more action this week, but I was happy with the end result. Ryan finally catches up to Joe and lets himself get caught for a confrontation. Meanwhile, Lily and the FBI also head to Korban for a pretty big showdown, which ends with a possible game changer for Mike.

Welcome to the Family

After following Robert's van to Korban, Ryan manages to sneak onto the compound and blend in with a robe and mask. He witnesses the members praising Joe, as well as Joe's ultimatum to Preston Tanner -- kill one of the non-loyal followers to "save her" or be killed. But before Preston has to make a decision, Ryan opens fire at Joe and misses, of course.

Robert informs Joe that it's Ryan on the premises, which causes Emma to panic, as she knows Ryan often throws Joe off his game. Ryan lets himself get caught by Robert so he can confront Joe. The two have a playful chat with Ryan promising to kill Joe.

Joe then forces Preston to decide again, this time in front of Ryan. At first, Preston says he can't kill the woman, but in the end, he does, saving himself and becoming an unwilling member of Joe's cult. Of course, it's all on camera so Joe can send it off to Kingston Tanner.

A Message for Joe

Meanwhile, Claire is getting antsy. She tries to talk Carrie Cooke into letting her go on TV to send a message to Joe. She believes it's the only way to lure Joe out of hiding and stop his plan of killing more people. In the end, Carrie agrees to read a cryptic message on air that only Joe will understand who it's from.

He hears the message in his new hideout after his camp gets raided. He immediately knows Claire is alive.

Getting Revenge

And we can't forget Lily Gray and her group of crazies. She has a member of her group, Alistair Duncan, track Joe's cellphone to Korban. They soon pack up and head out, even though Mark thinks they should just flee the country. Lily, however, insists she has unfinished business with Joe.

Once on the compound, Lily gives the orders to kill everyone but Joe. The group then opens fire and kills all the Korban members who are out. Joe, however, is long gone when they arrive.

The FBI is close behind Lily and tracks her to Korban. They "rescue" Ryan, but realize that Joe is gone. Mike then goes on a mission to find Lily. And despite Max and Ryan trying to talk him out of it, he kills her to get revenge for his father.

I really want to know what Joe's epic plan is. It obviously has something to do with Kingston Tanner. It's crazy that we root for Joe and his murderous ways. I love the banter between Joe and Ryan. And I can see why Emma was worried about Joe getting thrown off his game. And now that he realizes that Claire is alive, forget it. Hopefully, he can focus for his final mission with his new followers.

I'm pleased that Mike gets revenge, but I think it will only come back to haunt him somehow. I love the line when Ryan said, "Don't be me." But it's true, Mike is becoming Ryan -- obsessed with the person who killed someone he loved. However, Mike actually got to seek revenge. Ryan is still playing the cat and mouse game with Joe. It's almost as if Joe and Ryan love the thrill of the chase between the two, which is why when Emma says to kill Ryan, Joe refuses.

The massacre at the camp is pretty brutal, though it really is the only "big" scene this week. It's strange how Ryan, Max and the group almost ignore that there are bodies strewn about when all they seem to care about is catching Joe.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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