'The Following' Recap: Joe Finds a Way to Manipulate the Crazy
'The Following' Recap: Joe Finds a Way to Manipulate the Crazy
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Fresh off the crazy from last week's The Following, Emma has doubts about staying at Corbin, but Joe assures her they will be okay there. Meanwhile, Ryan gets sanctioned by the FBI to keep his private investigation going to find Joe. During the probe, he and Max track down Joe's mentor, Dr. Arthur Strauss.

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Joe Sees an Opportunity at Corbin

To say that Emma is pissed off after getting her wrists slashed by the crazy cult leader Micah is an understatement. However, smooth operator Joe assures her that staying at Corbin is the right path for them right now, as he sees an opportunity to thrive there. Basically, he knows he can manipulate Micah to get him to do whatever he wants.

Before he can gain Micah's trust, Joe needs to make sure his wife Julia is out of the picture. During private meetings with Micah, he expresses interest in killing and wants Joe's help. Joe tells him in order to take his cult in that direction, he needs to get rid of the doubters. Micah goes ahead and kills them during a party and then locks Julia away so she can't interfere.

Emma is pleased with how quickly Joe could control Micah and changes her tune. Honestly, she's just happy to be with him, which is crazy in itself.

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Ryan Gets His Covert Mission

Max and Ryan attend the funeral for Mike's father. Ryan gets visits from two people during the funeral. The first, a tabloid reporter by the name of Carrie Cook, who he spilled his guts to drunk at a bar. She eventually went on to write The Havenport Tragedy, and he wasn't happy about it. She was sniffing around on rumors that Joe is still alive.

The second visit is from Tom Franklin, the FBI director. He also believes that Joe is alive and tells Ryan that he is sanctioning him to keep his private investigation going. They will keep the mission under wraps, as Tom knows there is a mole in the FBI.

Together, Ryan and Max track down an old professor of Joe's, Dr. Strauss. Ryan heads to his place on Long Island, but doesn't get anywhere. As he listens to a transmission from the bug he placed in Strauss' house, he hears Carrie also asking about Joe. Strauss drugs Carrie and eventually Ryan when he goes to save her.

As he awakes, Ryan realizes that Strauss wasn't just a grade school teacher to Joe, but rather a mentor and teacher. Though Strauss explains that it was always in Joe's DNA to kill, Strauss just let him know it was okay. And just as Strauss and a new student attempt to operate on Carrie, Max and Mike come to the rescue. Mike and Ryan torture Strauss to gain more information about Joe. They learn that Strauss was the one who not only helped fake Joe's death, but also healed him after the explosion. He also reveals that the mole in the FBI is a female.

I really just love how crazy these other cults are. They really make Joe look sane. Even he knows this as he controls the leader. I couldn't help but laugh as Micah was explaining that his cult is there to save souls and get home -- to the ninth planet behind Neptune. I think as Micah explained his philosophy and religion, Joe realized just how easy he would be to manipulate. It was also good to see where Joe learned how to hone his "skills."

I also really like that people finally believe Ryan that Joe is still alive. No more threatening to arrest him or hold him when he goes rogue. And Mike's anger is just insane, and rightly so after Lily killed his father. Lily, however, was absent from this episode, as were the twins. I'm sure they will be back soon, though, as she is also out for blood, thinking Ryan took Joe away from her.

The next few episodes of The Following are bound to be good, as Joe says he's ready to show the world that Joe Carroll is alive! Finally!

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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