'The Following' Recap: Joe Escapes Lily's International House of Psychos
'The Following' Recap: Joe Escapes Lily's International House of Psychos
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If you look past the fact that most of this season has been Ryan running rogue with a gun, you'll realize that The Following isn't half bad. This week's episode is no exception. My one complaint is that it's slightly predictable. Lily tells Joe her plan to escape, as Ryan and Max get closer to finding them. However, Joe has plans of his own for himself, Emma and Mandy. Meanwhile, Ryan and Mike think there might be a leak in the FBI who tips off Joe.

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Lily's International House of Psychos

Luke gets back to the ranch with Giselle's dead body and is in denial about her death until Mark comes to his room. They get mommy dearest who is explaining her escape plan to Joe after their night of lovemaking. Lily's plan is to run to Venezuela where they will not face extradition and can start their lives over, her painting and Joe writing. Joe is not thrilled with this idea and tells Lily there's always options.

Lily then finds out about Giselle and talks Luke off a ledge as he swears revenge on Ryan. She tells the group to pack up, as they will leave the next day.

Meanwhile, Joe seeks out Emma, who is sulking after learning he spent the night with Lily. He apologizes to Emma and says he will always keep her in the loop with everything. He tells her he has an epic plan and that he doesn't want to go with Lily. Mandy overhears the conversation and runs to Lily, but while she doesn't tell him exactly what she heard, she implies that Joe doesn't want to go.

Making a Trade and an Escape

Back in the hotel room, Max tends to Ryan's wound and they make a plan to tell the FBI about what they've found. However, when Ryan calls Mike to bring in the heavy artillery, Mike shows up alone and tells Ryan there may be someone on the inside informing Joe of the FBI's next moves.

The three then wait for Luke to show up and kidnap him, offering Lily a trade: her son for Joe. Lily, still upset about Giselle and learning Joe doesn't want to be with her, drugs Joe and tells the remaining two followers to watch him and kill Emma and Mandy if necessary. Lily and Mark then find some stranger to "trade" for Luke.

On the bridge where the trade will take place, Mike pretends to be Ryan and it becomes a stab-off until they throw Luke back to Lily and Mark. After a shootout, Mike not only shoots Luke, but beats him to a bloody pulp as Lily and Mark get away.

Meanwhile, Ryan finds the ranch on his own, kills one of the two remaining followers and heads into the house to find Joe. However, Emma manages to wake Joe up from his drugged state, stab the remaining follower and get away with Emma and Mandy.

Joe's first plan is to head to the airfield before Lily and Mark get there to escape. However, he gets a call right before they take off. When Ryan and the FBI get to the airfield, the plane just holds the pilot, as the call Joe got was from Jana, who tipped him off about the ambush.

As he, Emma and Mandy get away, he calls Lily and tells her she got what she deserved. And as the FBI processes the scene, Ryan, Mike and Max only confirm that there's some sort of insider tipping Joe off.

It's become clear that Joe is getting into Ryan and Mike's heads. The fact that they don't even hesitate anymore to kill any followers of Joe is concerning. It's almost as if they are just like Joe themselves. Add to the mix that there's an insider they know about, and anyone can understand their frustration.

The smug look that Joe gives Ryan just as he gets away at the ranch is classic Joe, as is the way he always has a plan. I like him and Emma as a team again, but I'm concerned that he's using Emma's love for him to escape. And she can't see that because she's blinded by Joe, as are all his followers.

I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Mark and Lily, even though Joe leaves them behind. Though I could do without the crazy that is Lily and her weird family. I can only imagine she'll seek revenge for Luke's death.

As I mentioned above, it's a solid episode, except that I predicted that Joe wouldn't be on the plane when the FBI caught up to it. I do have to wonder, though, if Menendez is also a follower with Jana. That would be an interesting twist. And while that part is predictable, I really can't predict where the rest of the season will go. With Joe and Emma on the run, and Lily in an explosive state, it really could go anywhere.

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