'The Following' Interview: Executive Producers and Cast on Joe's Survival, Ominous Threat and More
'The Following' Interview: Executive Producers and Cast on Joe's Survival, Ominous Threat and More
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Following ended season 2 with Joe Carroll alive and heading to prison, but that was a guarantee. The show filmed two different endings which was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Executive Producers Marcos Siega and Jennifer Johnson spoke with reporters about their decision to keep Joe alive, the set up and tone for season 3 and who is returning. 

Stars Jessica Stroup (Max Hardy) discussed the status of Max and Mike's relationship and the "ominous force" over New York City and Sam Underwood (Mark Gray) talked about where Mark is a year later. 

Check out the video interviews and highlights below.

Interview with Executive Producers Marcos Siega and Jennifer Johnson

Highlights from interview:

  • Only about 5 people knew how The Following Season 2 finale was ending. James Purefoy didn't even know if Joe Carroll would survive or not. Purefoy left boxes in the production office to be sold if he didn't come back.
  • There were two endings filmed. The one which aired and another where Joe Carroll died.
  • The producers decided Joe's story wasn't over and there was more to tell in Season 3. Joe's death would have been a nice ending to the Joe chapter, but they felt there is "more to mine" between Joe and Ryan.
  • "There are a few turns still in that relationship." on Joe and Ryan.
  • The tone will be more Hitchcockian and what's behind the corner, suspenseful. More of a Season 1 feeling than in Season 2. It will be a psychological mystery and it will allow Ryan to use his profiling skills.
  • Ryan's "thing" with Joe doesn't go away. An event happens and Ryan gets sucked back in, but it's different from before.
  • New York is a character this season. The city will be under lockdown in the premiere. The stakes of his city being attacked invests him in the mystery regardless of whether Joe is or isn't involved.
  • Gina Mendez is back at the FBI. There will be other characters returning and there are flashbacks.
Interview with Jessica Stroup and Sam Underwood

Highlights from interview: 

  • The story jumps forward a year. Max and Mike are still in a relationship, but Mike's been gone for four months. Something devastating will happen in their relationship, but Stroup expects that "it will play out in a beautiful way."
  • There is a lot of disaster coming for Max and Mike.
  • Mark's emerging from the grief over the loss of his mother and brother. 
  • In the premiere, Mark is somewhere unexpected for someone who is on the top of the FBI's most wanted list.
  • Mark sees everyone as a target, especially Max, Mike, Ryan....
  • Ryan and Mike will be put to the test. Max is going to be the one between them. She's working with them to profile the killer. She will be juggling multiple things while trying to do her job. 
  • The season is about an "omnious force" over New York.
The Following Season 3 will premiere in 2015.

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