'The Following' at Comic-Con 2014: Ryan's New Love and Mark's 'Unexpected' Return in Season 3
'The Following' at Comic-Con 2014: Ryan's New Love and Mark's 'Unexpected' Return in Season 3
The cast and writers of FOX's The Following sat down to share some new details on The Following season 3 at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Will Ryan find happiness? When will we see Joe again? And what's going on with Mark? Keep reading to find out. 

The Theme and Time Jump of The Following Season 3

One year will have passed when we return in season 3 and Ryan will be in a good place. The show will explore more of a soap-style angle next season as it focus on characters and relationships deepen. But don't worry, "people will die and asses will be kicked" says Bacon. 

We'll be seeing a "bigger, badder, more complicated villain" says new showrunner Jennifer Johnson. The Following will go back to the "psychological mystery." Think Hitchcock and what they don't show. People won't be who they seem to be.

Ryan Finds Love 

Ryan will be in a more open place in his life so there will be some real relationships. He's in a place of peace the next time we see him. Ryan will find love (Gwen, a doctor) but the writers will then "challenge that episode after episode" says Johnson. The new couple is living together and she has a daughter.

Ryan will be hard at work when season 3 starts, looking over every case to make sure they aren't related to Carroll. He'll try and start a new task force. 

Will We See Joe Carroll Again? 

Kevin Williamson says he doesn't know how or when Carroll will return. He later added that the reason he didn't die in the season 2 finale is because  they "just couldn't part with him...I don't think we needed to." 

Returning Characters 

Sam Underwood's character Mark will return and it will be "in the most unexpected place" says Johnson. Expect a big transformation as he hides "in plain sight." 

But will Claire be back? Williamson won't say. 

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