Why Jesse Quick Should Return to 'The Flash' More Often
Why Jesse Quick Should Return to 'The Flash' More Often
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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After being gone due to her Flash duties on Earth-2 for quite some time, Jesse Quick returned to Earth-1 for the The Flash season 4 episode 15 to help Barry deal with his explosive problem. While having another speedster around isn't really necessary on the show, Jesse offers much more than just her metahuman abilities, and her character has much more to potentially add to the story in the future.


Jesse being around to speed around Central City isn't something Team Flash necessarily needs, but it does liven up the show to have another speedster around. With Wally gone, they're missing the connection between Barry and the other heroes because none have the same powers as him. And, with Wally gone to Legends of Tomorrow, Barry needs another speedster friend around, occasionally, even if it's just to give him a break.

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Jesse offers more than Wally did to the story, unfortunately, which is why we need to see her around more often, much like we did in season 2. While Wally was always compared to Barry (speed-wise and because he basically just filled the role of Joe's second son), Jesse isn't really comparable to Barry. Her powers aren't as strong as his are yet, but it's not constantly mentioned that she's not as fast as Barry.

As we saw on the latest episode, Jesse has a lot to offer to the team, and her usefulness doesn't end with her ability to run. Unlike Wally, she's arguably smarter than anyone on Team Flash (at least scientifically), and she's lived on other Earths and protected them as the Flash there. She has more experience with heroics, and she has the mind to back up what she does, just like Barry. Jesse Quick could potentially grow to be Barry's biggest competition in the future. In the future, it'd be interesting to see more of the two working together, like they did to stop the nuclear explosion in Central City, and see which one of them is able to come out ahead. This time it was Barry, but Jesse lasted a lot longer in this situation than anyone could have expected her to.

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Jesse and Harry

Jesse's relationship with her father is yet another reason why we need to see her more often on Earth-1. Harry is kind of an unchangeable character; the writers haven't really done much to explore him or develop him, but even in one episode where he's interacting with Jesse, we see a different man.

With Jesse, we see a father/daughter relationship that is similar to Iris and Joe, which is the strongest relationship between two characters on the show. Their bond is unbreakable, even through the worst of times, and Harry needs his relationship with Jesse to be more prominent because he lacks any real relationship with the members of Team Flash. To bond more to Harry (and make him the longest-lasting version of Wells to stick around on the team), Jesse being around, and maybe even being in immediate danger, could bring back the man we saw in season 2 who would do anything for his daughter.

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So, not only does Jesse offer potential as her own character, but as the daughter of one of the main characters, she's irreplaceable. Harry needs his daughter to have any real character development, and their relationship is so fractured already that much needs to be repaired and that shouldn't all happen off-screen.

What do you think? Should Jesse Quick speed over to Earth-1 more often? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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