[VIDEOS] 'Legends of Tomorrow' Remix History and Barry Returns Changed on 'The Flash'
[VIDEOS] 'Legends of Tomorrow' Remix History and Barry Returns Changed on 'The Flash'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The next year of DC TV on The CW is just about a month away. While the Fall season is gearing up and beginning on other networks, most of The CW's slate will hit in early October. It's an exciting time to be a fan of CW's interconnected superhero universe but also an anxious one. To tide people over until the premieres, The CW has released two new trailers for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Barry Allen ended season 3 of The Flash by entering the Speed Force and seemingly retiring from his superhero duties. In the offseason, the cast and crew have made no secret of the fact that Barry will return but they haven't really shown the hero's comeback. The new trailer, however, is all about Barry popping back up in Central City. 

The trailer makes it seem like Barry will be deeply affected by his time in the Speed Force. Grant Gustin doesn't utter a single word. Instead Barry adopts a deep thousand-yard stare (and an impressive beard.) 

As gloomy as Barry might seem in the trailer, the reality of the season will evidently be a lot different. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Todd Helbing explained that Barry's time in the Speed Force will change him. It'll just be for the better. "Barry's time in the Speed Force let him deal with all of the baggage that he had the last three seasons, everything with his mom and his dad and Flashpoint. So when he comes out, he's sort of left that all behind."

"It does really allow Barry and Grant [Gustin], in a lot of ways, to play these scenes with a lot more lightness to it," Helbing added. "The combination of the scripts being a lot more fun and more joke-ridden, and just the state that Barry's in when he comes out, it's really changed the show quite a bit. There's definitely a comedic tonal shift that we're really loving right now."

This lines up with a sneak peek interview that Helbing and fellow producer Andrew Kreisberg did on The CW's Youtube Channel where they claimed, among other things, that The Flash season 4 has some of the most "fun" things they've ever done. 

Meanwhile the Legends of Tomorrow trailer fully embraces the series' now well-established sense of humor. The trailer leans heavily into the fact that season 3 will be dealing with the broken timeline and have historical figures in eras where they do not belong. The most heavily featured is Julius Caesar showing up at a beach party in Aruba. 

The new trailer also offers a quick glimpse of a new and recurring semi-antagonist for the team. Jes Macallan appears briefly as her character, Special Agent Ava Sharpe. Sharpe will be working for a secret branch of the government, the Time Bureau, and that will pit her against the Legends. The relationship will at least start off rocky as Sharpe is seen putting Ray Palmer in handcuffs and forcing him to the floor. 

Are you excited for the new season? Which show are you most excited to see return? Are you ready for a happier Barry and a funnier Flash? What remixed history would you like to see on Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash season 4 will premiere on Tuesday, October 10 at 8/9c on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow will follow immediately after at 9/8c. Want more news? Like our Flash Facebook page!

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