'The Flash' Preview: Flash Reunites with Arrow, Meets Weather Wizard
'The Flash' Preview: Flash Reunites with Arrow, Meets Weather Wizard
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Fans  looking forward to a Flash-Arrow crossover don't have to wait much longer, thanks to the new trailer released by The CW. While there have been many cast interviews and promotional posters about the much awaited Arrow spin-off, the video entitled "The Future Begins" gives viewers the most substantial glimpse at The Flash so far.

Here are some of the highlights from the video:

  • Barry (Grant Gustin) goes through lots of changes after he wakes up from his coma. 
  • According to Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), inside Barry's body could be a map to a whole new world.
  • There are other meta-humans like Barry.
  • Barry meets Weather Wizard!
  • Barry lays eyes on his costume for the first time.
  • Barry wearing his costume as the Flash.
  • Barry's inspirational meeting with Oliver Queen.
  • "I don't think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry. I think it chose you." - Oliver Queen/Arrow
  • A tornado is heading towards the city and only Barry can stop it. 

Meanwhile, Weather Wizard is just the first of many challenges Barry will need to deal with in Central City. Also expected to appear are Girder (Greg Finley), The General (Clancy Brown), and Plastique (Kelly Frye), just to name a few.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7 at 8pm on The CW. Arrow, on the other hand, kicks off its third season on Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm on The CW.

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(Image courtesy of The CW)