Harry Is up to Something on 'The Flash', But It's Not What You Think
Harry Is up to Something on 'The Flash', But It's Not What You Think
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
For the first time in the history of The Flash, we have absolutely no idea how the season will end. The twists are coming fast and furious, leaving us doubting everything from Cisco's future to Harry's identity. It's that last mystery, however, that really has fans reaching for their own Thinking Caps.

No matter what Gideon might say, we'll tell you this up front -- we don't believe original recipe Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is back in play. In fact, Harry already told you his master plan, but only if you took the time to read between the lines.

At this point in the Flash season, we usually have a general idea of the villain's endgame. Right now, we don't even know what the Enlightenment is, let alone how to stop it. The Thinker is 10 steps ahead, even when it comes to predicting something as variable as human behavior. While DeVoe's superior intellect merely poses a threat for most of Team Flash, it's sending Harry around the bend. Always the smartest man in the room (or so he like to think), the Earth-2 genius has devised a mental enhancer he hopes will rival that of his foe. But just as Cisco (Carlos Valdes) predicted, the Thinking Cap could hold a villainous twist. DeVoe, after all, lost every shred of humanity when he donned his.

Despite Cisco's entreaties otherwise, Harry pushed forward with his idea to match the fastest mind, albeit without dark matter. Currently, Vibe is too concerned with a possible career change to keep a close eye on his science bro, but If he had been looking out, he'd have seen Harry enter the Time Vault during a cryptic "Null and Annoyed" tag scene. Known as Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne's OG lair, the secret room is now home to the Thinking Cap's charging station and a newly revived Gideon. 

Wherever the name Dr. Wells is concerned, there's bound to be trouble. The Flash's Valdes agrees.

"As the episodes progress, even though Harry will be using the Thinking Cap, DeVoe will always find a way to be a few steps ahead of the team. It's more a matter of Harry dealing with his own frustration," the actor teased, according to Variety. "But down the line, a dark secret will come to light that will test the relationship between Harry and Cisco."

Fan's shouldn't worry too much, however. Yes, Gideon did label Harry as the season 1 villain, but that should hardly come as a surprise. Gideon is simply Siri on steroids, equipped with the same basic facial recognition we all know and love. Eobard Thawne's season 1 disguise looks identical to Harry, and we all know it's not because they're the same person. This isn't an old villain checking in with his AI pal. No, this is a desperate genius attempting to unlock the future. And that's what Gideon is -- a portal to the future. Perhaps Harry has finally found a way to do what Barry and Co. could not, namely unlock the data left behind by his doppelganger. He recently praised his Earth-1 counterpart for "knowing everything" -- not because of his intellect, but because of his time traveler status. 

Will a little dose of technological precognition give Team Flash an edge against the Thinker? Or will it merely complicate the present, as meddling with time always does? Hit up the comments section with your theories!

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