5 Characters on 'The Flash' Who Might Actually Be Savitar
5 Characters on 'The Flash' Who Might Actually Be Savitar
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Flash is back to its old tricks. As The Flash hurtles towards its season finale, the identity of the main villain, once again, looms mysteriously over the viewer and the characters. In what has become an annual tradition for the show, the Big Bad's real name and face have been obscured and it's more than likely going to be someone very close to Team Flash. Based on the evidence so far here are our five top picks for the man (or woman) behind Savitar's pointy mask.

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Iris West

The tricky part of predicting Savitar's identity is because, in his own words, the villain was created because of something Barry does in the future. We have yet to see Savitar's origin story but it is apparently coming soon. While the most prevalent theory now is that Wally is Savitar -- he did after all get sucked into the mystical Speed Force as Savitar popped out -- it would be far more devastating for the audience if another West somehow became Savitar: Iris. 

Savitar clearly knows a lot about Team Flash and Barry specifically. The villain is also very focused on Iris and Barry's relationship. There would be no more able person to systematically destroy Barry's life with the woman he loves than the woman herself. It's true that Savitar seems to be a male character, who goes by the God of Speed (not Goddess) and is a hulking figure with a booming voice. Along with the obvious speed, speedsters have been known to change their appearance and voice. Savitar may look and sound like a man but that could just be another level of the disguise.

While some might dismiss this theory entirely because Savitar is shown to be killing Iris in a possible future, that doesn't mean anything. Hunter Zolomon tricked the team by killing "himself" in season 2. The real hang-up though is how The Flash could possibly pull off Iris turning evil without taking an axe to all her character development on the show thus far. There's nothing Barry could do that would make Iris become as evil as Savitar. 

Eddie Thawne

Thanks to his last name, The Flash fans have assumed and thought that Eddie was a villain since his very first appearance. At the end of season 1 though Eddie turned out to be the ultimate hero who saved the day but still the theories about his villainy persist. Many thought that Eddie would be revealed to be Zoom in season 2 but there is a bit more evidence to suggest he is Savitar. While Barry wronging Savitar in the future doesn't fit with Eddie, pretty much everything in the villain's MO thus far could line up with Eddie. 

After Eddie died in the season 1 finale he was sucked up into the Speed Force and it's not that hard to imagine he was somehow resurrected afterwards. In his resurrection Eddie could have grown bitter and disillusioned and begun to hate Barry. Eddie could have sworn vengeance and decided to return with speed powers to torture his one-time friend. Eddie as Savitar would explain the preoccupation with ruining Barry and Iris' happiness and why Savitar is so determined to remind Barry of those he cannot save. Eddie was the first real victim Barry couldn't help. 

Jesse Quick

The evidence for Wally becoming Savitar is a huge red herring. By the end of "Into the Speed Force" the main reason for the theory will be likely meaningless too as Barry should have rescued Wally from the Speed Force. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Savitar could be Barry's other sidekick, Jesse Quick. We've already gone over why, despite appearances, Savitar could be a woman but unlike Iris there has been a bit of a reason for Jesse to turn evil. 

It's true that Jesse is one of the more level-headed and upbeat members of Team Flash. She doesn't have unstable or evil tendencies. Yet Jesse is probably one of the characters who has suffered most from her connection to Team Flash. She's gotten speed powers that she didn't ask for or want. Jesse's picked up and moved her entire life for one person who is now missing in a mystical speed force. If her dad Harry dies, Jesse's life will have completely changed, and not for the better, because of Barry and the team. It's not so hard to imagine that loss leading to a feeling of bitterness and jealousy. 

Future Barry Allen

In between his ramblings about being a god, Savitar talks a lot about the future. Specifically, he taunts Barry with his knowledge of the hero's future. In their confrontation at the end of "The Wrath of Savitar" the villain even told Barry, "I am the future, Flash." The natural assumption is that the reason Savitar knows so much about Barry and his future is because he was close to him before he broke bad. The simpler explanation, though, is that Savitar is just a future version of Barry. 

Barry clearly took Savitar's line of "I am the future, Flash," the way it was just written with a comma between "future" and "Flash." In the episode though the line is delivered a little more ambiguously. It occurs right after Barry demands to know Savitar who he is and the villain could easily be responding with the answer, "the Future Flash." Savitar could be some version of Barry in the future who has gone insane and has gone back in time to either make Barry a "better" hero by destroying those he leans on or just messing with the life of his former self because he is a nut job. Savitar being a future Barry doesn't explain his motives but it fills in a lot of the other blanks. 

H.R. Wells

The most convincing option, though, is that The Flash is about to roll two of its classic twists into one. Just like season 1, the main villain will be revealed to be Harrison Wells but this time an actual Wells and from a completely different Earth. The twist will be a little bit different because The Flash doesn't look to be setting up something where Savitar was secretly one character all along. Savitar is a future version of someone on the team or someone who is close to the team. While H.R. is a joke of a character currently there is enough about him to suggest he could take a one-way ticket to Crazy City living in the suburb of Evilville. 

In "Wrath of the Savitar," Savitar told Barry how much he likes a good myth. Savitar has a huge flair for the dramatic and sees himself as some grand villain in the larger story. If there is anyone on Team Flash who likes their melodrama and giving themselves a heightened sense of importance it's H.R. The character's quirkiness is played for laughs mostly but his hyperactive nature is also hiding some deep-seated issues and desperation. H.R. is maybe not emotionally unstable but he is getting dangerously close to that edge. It would only take a little brush to make him go truly insane. The most damning clue of all is that Savitar calls Wally "Wallace" and literally the only other character to do that on the show is H.R. Wells.

The big hang-up with the Wells theory is that H.R. was seen holding a gun on the rooftop in Barry's vision of the future with Iris' death. If H.R. is about to go down a very dark path of becoming Barry's next main villain, he can't exactly be lining up a shot to take himself out. Yet as I detailed before, that gunman on the rooftop could easily be (and hopefully is) the Earth-2 Harrison Wells, Harry. 

What is your theory on Savitar's identity? Will it be someone on Team Flash? Could it be someone we haven't even met yet? Should The Flash stop hiding its villains' identities? Do you even care about finding out Savitar's real name?

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