Josh Lucas Books Lead Role on NBC's 'The Firm'
Josh Lucas Books Lead Role on NBC's 'The Firm'
From novel to movie to TV series, The Firm has had many incarnations. This time, NBC has picked it up as its latest legal drama and has cast actor Josh Lucas as the lead. 

Based on John Grisham's acclaimed 1991 novel, The Firm stars Lucas as Attorney Mitchell McDeere, who rose to fame in his youth for overthrowing a Chicago mob posing as the prestigious law firm called Bendini, Lambert & Locke. Since then, he has stayed in the Federal Witness Protection program and continued his difficult journey, which is what the series focuses on.

Even though the role was originated by Tom Cruise, Lucas will portray a slightly different version of McDeere. The drama centers on his story years after the novel and the film. Here, he is slowly building his future and gaining control of his life. However, there are still threats that surround him, in addition to a haunting past that he can't escape from.

As McDeere and his family come out of hiding to slowly reclaim their lives, they face new dangers at every turn. Below, you can catch a clip of best-selling author John Grisham discussing NBC's The Firm and the challenges his character has to face once more. He also talks about the transition of the novel to the big screen and the small screen. 

The network greenlit The Firm in May and has long been scouting for someone to fill in the lead role. They then pinpointed Josh Lucas, who has starred on films like Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind and Jerry Bruckheimer's Glory Road. He has also worked on television, appearing on the series Prohibition and the TV movie Possible Side Effects. Casting for his co-stars on the upcoming NBC drama is still underway.

The Firm lists Grisham, Lukas Reiter (Law & Order), John Morayniss (Haven), Michael Rosenberg (Skins) and Noreen Halpern (Rookie Blue) as executive producers. It is set to premiere in 2012, and will air on Sundays at 10pm on NBC.

Source: NBC

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