'The Finder' Videos: What Happens When Hodgins of 'Bones' Visits Walter?
'The Finder' Videos: What Happens When Hodgins of 'Bones' Visits Walter?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's Finder episode, "Little Green Men," features another crossover between The Finder and its parent show, Bones. Dr. Jack Hodgins -- Bones' resident bug-and-slime-guy/conspiracy theorist -- will be leaving the lab in order to investigate the possibility of aliens with Walter on The Finder.

Any guesses as to Hodgins' beliefs about aliens? These four Finder videos may give the answer.

WARNING: Here be Finder spoilers. But they're really entertaining spoilers, so that's OK.

In the first video, we get to see Hodgins and Walter engage in an attempt to out-conspiracy each other.

Is the government covering up the existence of alien visitation? Or are the corporations dictating the information we're fed about the aliens? Ah, questions for the ages...

Also, how weird is the backwards driving? It's probably because they're in one of Hodgins' fancy, imported cars. But still. It all looks flipped.

For the second video, Walter places a call to Leo and Willa -- from the Royal Diner of Bones fame?

  • Apparently, the ability to outrun Walter is a sign of paranormal and/or alien activity.
  • Would the ability to run fast make male-enhancement drugs any more popular? Running and their standard effect don't seem to go together very well.
  • Finding a "patient zero" video on the Internet is hard. Willa must have way better computer skills than me.
  • When you go crazy, you get to glue macaroni to tin cans. This is probably therapeutic or something.
  • What sort of trap is Walter about to step into?

The third video may show us what happens after that "trap." Walter certainly looks a little worse for wear at this point.

Who was that echo-y voice Walter heard as he woke up? What made him disappear for three days? Can Isabel really get every marshal in the country looking for one guy?

The final video takes us back to the bar and the blackboard.

Even though this video seems to come later in the episode, it manages to bring up many questions:

  • Is there much point in making crazy a guy who is already generally acknowledged as a lunatic?
  • Moving a car with one hand is an obvious sign of being an alien? I know many comic-book superheroes who would beg to differ (not all of them are aliens).
  • Does Walter spend some time in a psych ward during this episode?
  • Are we expected to believe that Walter would stop looking for something?

We'll find out the answers to these questions when The Finder episode 6, "Little Green Men" airs on Thursday, February 23 at 9pm on FOX.

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