'The Finder' Recap: Wanted Dead Or Alive?
'The Finder' Recap: Wanted Dead Or Alive?
He's dead. He's not dead. He's dead. So went this intriguing episode of The Finder about an urban music star, J Strike. It had the added appeal of Leo's lost love's return as well as 50 Cent playing the ultra-cool music exec, Glade.

White Men Can't Dance

Walter is dancing like a goof in the center of a lot of good dancers. He sticks out like a sore thumb - a white sore thumb. Music exec, Glade, and his lawyer, Athena, want Walter to solve the case involving some pirated music of a young black artist called J Strike who is dead. Well, he's supposed to be dead, except there are new songs released off label that sound like the young artist must still be alive.

Walter says the case doesn't interest him, so he doesn't want to do it. This is so blunt, but that's our Walter. He soon changes his mind though when Athena reveals that she used to date Leo and hints that she'd love to see Leo again. Why is Walter so interested in Leo's love life?

It's a Theme

Exes reconnecting seems to be a running theme tonight when Walter calls Isabel in to help on the case. Willa sees them together and calls them "gross old people" all "goo goo" for each other. Okay Willa, go to your room!

Let's Get Analytical

Willa earns her keep though by helping Walter analyze the new J Strike-like songs being broadcasted. It's a bizarre counting system with more than bells and whistles, but a giant eyeball too. All these things act like a code to record how many instances of certain beats or non-English song phrasing they hear in the music. They also need to track down the DJ playing these songs and master Googler, Willa, has the address of DJ W Squared - he's at South Beach University.

Playground Connection

The DJ, whose name is Kareem, denies playing J Strike's music at first. He says J Strike is dead. But, Kareem then admits that how it works is that he gets a call and goes to pick up the tracks at the same park in which J Strike was killed. Does this not hit you as being stupidly dangerous, Kareem?

Leo and Athena Kiss

After Glade pulls a gun and Leo tells him to use it or put it away, Leo takes out a freaked-out Athena. At the end of the date, the two kiss, but Leo declines Athena's invite to follow her inside her place. He says he has to check on Willa, but Athena guesses he's just not that into her.

To Sleep Perchance to Dream About J Strike

In one of the weirdest dream sequences I've seen in a long time, a sleeping Walter envisions a few kid rappers in a music video with a playground set that includes grass that looks like it was made with crayons. What drugs have you been taking, Walter? After this technicolor dream, Walter bolts upright and announces that J Strike is alive.

Cain and Abel Revisited

Unless J Strike's mother is lying though, J Strike, whose real name is Booker, is dead because the mom swears that she held his cold, dead hand and felt his spirit leave his dead body. Okay, TMI and really sadly creepy. But, when J Strike's brother enters the picture, Walter, Leo, Willa and Isabel find out that the brother shot J Strike in the park.

He cries saying that J Strike wanted his artist popularity to come back, so he wanted to be shot in the leg for "street cred." Yet, a main leg artery must have been hit by the bullet becasue J Strike bled to death. The brother remembers J Strike yelling "It wasn't our fault" right before he died.

The Solve

Walter reflects on the word choice of "our fault" rather than "your fault" and it doesn't take him long to put two and two together to come up with Athena! What? She was the "brains" behind the shooting thing because she wanted money off of J Strike's work. This is shocking news to Glade who freaks out and wants to shoot Athena, but doesn't. Later, J Strike's mom and her remaining son hug and cry together at the whole thing so they can reconnect.

What did you think about The Finder tonight?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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