'The Finder' Recap: Voodoos, Curses and Walter Gets Shot
'The Finder' Recap: Voodoos, Curses and Walter Gets Shot
This week on The Finder, when Walter's latest job proposal comes from an area mob boss, it pits Isabella and Leo on opposite sides on whether he should accept it.

Narrow Escape

The episode opens with Isabella and her partner secretly watching/photographing a funeral interrupted by a rival gang -- and gunfire erupts. Isabella gets shot, in her bulletproof vest thankfully, but her partner isn't so lucky and might not make it.

Isabella then ends up shooting the killer, who dies. The episode doesn't address her partner's condition other than he's fighting in the hospital. Isabella is OK but dealing with a few cracked ribs. It leads to a "bonding" moment with Willa, who's trying to get Isabella to open up about her emotions over it. Isabella acts tough but is a little shaken up over the situation, obviously.

I love the moments between Isabella and Willa alone. It's more of an older sister bond than mother-daughter.


Isabella is on board with Walter taking the mob boss's job. I don't know if the shooting had anything to do with it. The mob boss promises not to kill if Walter finds ... a voodoo doll. The mob boss has been having some terrible luck lately. Falling, broken body parts -- AND someone slipped a photo of a voodoo doll in his pocket.

But Leo wants no part of this. He won't work for a killer.

Dead End

Willa is prominently featured in this episode -- and helping effectively, not getting into trouble. She leads Walter to a good witch's shop, who's able to single out the witch who she's sure created it. But when Walter and Leo head over there, they find her dead.

Taking a Bullet

Isabella's able to identify the killer, another known mob member who was hired by the mob boss's ex-wife to get rid of the witch for creating this curse. The ex-wife thought she was helping by having the witch killed -- but the voodoo doll is still out there somewhere, still causing havoc! Thanks a lot for your help. Back at square one.

Walter then questions the people close to the mob boss, and when he questions the loyalty of one of his closest allies, the guy shoots him! What? So random! Walter retains his dry humor so he's pretty much fine. But then he collapses later, pretty much bleeding out and has to be in a wheelchair.

Finding the Answer

One of the issues with this show is that it moves so fast, skipping a lot of important information in-between, which leaves the viewer confused as to what happened. For example, Walter creates an intricate course puzzle course, letting a ball go and seeing where it lands. Huh? How are we supposed to believe that is supposed to tell us who the killer is?

So the ball lands on -- the good witch. And Isabella finds out through her connections that the witch's son had been killed by the mob boss, so she helped put a curse on him. The real originator of the curse happened to be the mob boss's brother, who was jealous of his sibling's rise in "the business."

Be sure to catch the season finale of The Finder next week when Walter -- and his brother -- search for their mother. Geoff Stults's real brother guest stars as Walter's, well, brother.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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