'The Finder' Recap: 'Bones' Crossover Event!
'The Finder' Recap: 'Bones' Crossover Event!
As much as The Finder is starting to rub off on us, this week's episode is all about Hodgins, who's off baby duty. And he has major screen time!

He's seeking Walter's services to find the "alien spacecraft" (his words) that was witnessed by astronauts as it collided with a satellite and crash-landed on Earth. Has Hodgins been getting enough sleep? (In actuality, the Jeffersonian lab has been shut down for a week because the coroner is on vacation -- right, and the federal government can't find another one? But I digress.)

The lives of the astronauts have been falling apart (including a mysterious death), leading Hodgins to an inevitable conspiracy theory.

"Was There Anal Probing?"

When a stranger dubbed "Goggles" knocks Walter out, he ends up in some secret lockdown place where his crew's lives are threatened. He then mysteriously emerges back at his own place three days later, prompting Hodgins to ask if there was anal probing.

The dialogue in the show is really starting to pick up, and inserting Hodgins into this week's episode with all the crazy stuff that's spewing out of his mouth is perfect. And he has chemistry with Walter, so their bantering made it feel like they were lifelong friends.

Family Issues

Willa has some secret computer skills, we find, as she sifts through the internet to find the original video clip of the crash in space (there's been a ton of fake videos, so this is tough work). So we root for her. And then we feel bad for her when she and Timo bring $1,000 to the uncle in order to make their arranged marriage null.

But the uncle will have none of that. First, he takes offense that the money they brought is her wages -- why does it matter just how she got the money? Secondly, he tells Timo, Willa and Leo (who shows up unannounced) that the marriage arrangement is still on, and they're to wed by the end of the year.

Hector, From Kansas

Donning tin-foil hats, Walter, Leo and Hodgins goes off to find evidence of whatever crashed. They uncover something, some plate-looking object with indecipherable writing, and out comes Goggles from the woods. He takes off his glasses -- and knocks out Hodgins, who wasn't wearing that tin-foil hat. He's Hector, from Kansas, much to the chagrin of Hodgins, who hilariously greeted Hector like he was an alien.

Walter makes a deal to give back the plate for the surviving astronaut, whose life has been torn apart.

This episode focused fully on the case -- in the past, the subplots felt like it was overwhelming the main case. Having Hodgins really upped the entertainment factor of the show. Without him, it may be average at best. Can the show carry this momentum to the next episode? Find out in two weeks, as the show takes a one-week break.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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