'The Finder' Recap: A Storm is Brewin'
'The Finder' Recap: A Storm is Brewin'
This week on the winter finale of The Finder, a powerful hurricane is raging through South Florida, impeding Walter's search of a 14-year-old girl gone missing from the storm because he's stranded at the bar. Meanwhile, Willa's probation officer is also stranded with the rest of the gang.

Isabel Leads the Way

With Walter unable to offer his services in person, it's up to Isabel to be his eyes and ears, as she's out on the job and can be at the school to talk to all the people who are seeking shelter there, if need be. Thanks to Willa's savvy social networking skills, she suggests looking at photos online that were posted from the students at the school. So THAT'S Willa's role. She imparts her young wisdom on "Facelook" and "upchucking your status," as Walter puts it.

From the photos, they spot the suspicious blue van that one of the missing girl's classmates tells Isabel about. From the succession of photos, it looks she either gets in the van willingly, or got abducted. The photos offer another clue - the van has the logo of a snake, which happens to be for a plumbing company.

The $300 Question

Now it's time to question the mother, who doesn't really know her daughter well, if at all. And $300 from her purse went missing a few days ago. After Willa tracks down the plumber on the Internet, Isabel calls him in the school to question him. She gets nowhere, and time is of the essence. Walter suggests looking in his wallet for the missing cash - and there it is, three $100 bills. When pressed for info, the plumber admits he did get the money from her, after he sold her a gun! What's a sweet, studious 14-year-old doing buying a gun?

Finding the Motive

The gang go back to the Internet, scouring photos upon photos from the social networking site for any sort of clue. Finally, they hit the jackpot - a video posted by someone's friend of a friend of Melissa being bullied by one her classmates. It was hard to watch the video actually because Melissa was being physically attacked. I was surprised that this story line took this kind of turn. I would've been completely fine with a creepy old man or a bad boyfriend, but teenage bullying? I guess the first two would've been expected.

Finding the Girls

Now the hunt is on to find the two girls. Walter's pretty sure any incident would've happened in the same spot where Melissa was bullied. But Isabel's there, and they're not - although there's blood. So which direction did they head to? And who was shot? Walter believes that Melissa's good heart means that the girls would head to the hospital, so that's the route Isabel takes.

She finds the girls - inside of a crashed car, fallen cables surrounding it, with Renee shot in the backseat and Melissa's hand pressed to the wound. Walter makes it to the scene - how he did so fast, I don't really know - puts on a crazy suit that detracts the sparks from the cables and is able to rescue the girls.

A New Perspective

All this time, while the gang was on the hunt, Christina, the probation officer was resistant to Willa - and Walter's unorthodox methods at first. But when she actually saw the work being done, she couldn't resist helping out. And by the end, she's all in. And we see a softer side of her, and she lets up a lot on Willa, which was nice to see.

Don't forget The Finder returns in April with six straight weeks of new episodes on Fridays. Rapper 50 Cent is one of the guest stars for a future episode.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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