'The Finder' Casting: Walter Sherman Gets a Family
'The Finder' Casting: Walter Sherman Gets a Family
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Everyone comes from somewhere, and Walter Sherman of The Finder is no exception. The show has recently cast three actors to play members of Walter's strange and estranged family. And one of those actors has a very, very close connection to Finder star Geoff Stults.

Who will make up the Family Sherman? Keep reading to find out!

Brotherly Love
According to a report from TVLine, the part of Walter Sherman's brother Langston will be played by George Stults. Yes, there is a relationship. George and Geoff Stults are, in fact, brothers in real life.

This isn't even the first time that the Stults boys have acted together. On 7th Heaven, Geoff and George Stults had recurring roles as the brothers Ben and Kevin Kinkirk.

Langston Sherman will come to the Ends of the Earth bar to ask Walter to find something special for him -- the Shermans' long-lost mother. It seems that Papa Sherman is dying and wants to see his estranged wife one last time before he goes.

One question: Why hasn't Walter looked for his mother before? There could be a whole lot of backstory there.

Meet the Parents
Apparently, Walter will be successful (of course) in his quest to find his missing mother. Why? The parts of both Sherman parents have been cast.

TVGuide.com reports that Annette O'Toole (you might know her as Clark Kent's mother in Smallville or Clark Kent's ex-girlfriend in Superman III) will play Elaine Sherman, while John Ashton (best known for his role of John Taggart in Beverly Hills Cop) will play Franklin Sherman.

Even if Walter manages to bring his family together, it sounds like there will be more than a little dysfunction. Elaine disappeared long ago, with her new husband, after joining a cult. Plus, she's a recovering alcoholic. Franklin Sherman, meanwhile, had son Walter committed for his post-war nuttiness.

But maybe they can all have a happy family reunion after all? Stranger things have happened...

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The episode featuring the Sherman family reunion is scheduled to air in late March.

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