'The Fashion Show': What Worked and What Didn't
'The Fashion Show': What Worked and What Didn't
If you thought the world was running low on aspiring fashion designers, you thought wrong! There's still enough for Project Runway, and for every Project Runway knockoff Bravo can throw at us to make sure we know they miss it. I miss it, too, Bravo. Project Runway was the first show I ever got excited about, and the original Fashion Show (with Kelly Rowland, remember?) and Launch My Line just couldn't measure up. Is The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection the answer? Uhhhhh maybe not. Let's talk about what works and what doesn't based on this week's premiere.

IT WORKS: The concept. If there's a fashion-based show, especially if it's a skill competition, we're going to watch it. Or we'll at least check it out until we forget about it. The Fashion Show is similar enough to Project Runway for us to watch and know what to expect, but different enough to avoid a lawsuit. 

IT DOESN'T: The contestants. It's still early, but it doesn't seem like there is anyone likable or worth rooting for in this bunch. There are villains, but no heroes. Calvin Tran, the season's obvious crazyperson is quoted saying, "Me Calvin Tran work with people? Oh here go hell come." And then there was the guy whose piece is based on living in space during the 80's or something. 
TFS villains.png
IT WORKS: Competing fashion houses. This is a great idea, and one we didn't see coming. This season the contestants will compete in two teams (or fashion houses), creating collections for elaborate runway shows. The teams may lack cohesion and creativity so far (they named their fashion houses "Nami," which is Iman backwards, and "Emerald Syx"), but the idea is strong and its about time designers learned to work together.

IT DOESN'T: Iman. I know, I know, she's an icon. And Heidi didn't speak English very well when she first started, either. But I don't understand why we're even supposed to like Iman. She seems cold and bitchy, making Isaac Mizrahi work overtime to sell her as the host ("She wore feathers?! Of course she did that little MYNX!").
TFS judges.png
Judges just wanna have fun.

IT WORKS: The high-production fashion shows. This is definitely a step up from the goat rodeo that was the Launch My Line presentations. At the very least, Stefan the fashion show producer knows how to put on a good show. 

IT DOESN'T: Isaac Mizrahi. He's incredibly irritating and clearly loves that he's running this show. A suitable replacement for Tim Gunn he is not. He's less of a mentor and more of a diva. And who asked for more Isaac Mizrahi?

What worked and didn't work for you?

(images courtesy of Bravo)