Exclusive Interview: "Unsophisticated" Clothes Help Anna Win 'The Fashion Show'
Exclusive Interview: "Unsophisticated" Clothes Help Anna Win 'The Fashion Show'
When the dust settled on Bravo's The Fashion Show, Anna was the winner thanks to viewers voting for her.  She received 56 percent of the vote, more than twice her nearest competitor.  However, when it came time for the judges to make their pick, they chose Daniella.

The Fashion Show came down to the basic debate between being a clothing designer and a fashion designer.  A clothing designer cares about the business, about making clothes people will wear and buy.  But as The Fashion Show proved, the true world of fashion has very little do to with such practical matters.

Daniella was complimented on her armor-inspired collection, while James-Paul received kudos for his darker, S&M-themed designs.  But Anna's design aesthetic was much simpler: she made clothes real people would buy and want to wear.

On Bravo's new late night show Watch What Happens Live, host Isaac Mizrahi explained Anna's victory by claiming that her "unsophisticated" designs appealed to average people in places like Florida or the middle of the country.  He preferred Daniella's more fashionable pieces which only work if you're from New York or Los Angeles.

When I spoke to Anna, she essentially agreed with this assessment because, for her, fashion is a business, not some lofty artistic pursuit.  She makes clothes to sell, and already she's using her winnings to help sell her clothes directly to the consumers on the web.  She's also considering her own clothing store.

The point is that, in the end, The Fashion Show wasn't about fashion, but about business.  And while the show succeeded in bringing a group of wacky, crazy people together, the real achievement was in exposing the fashion world for the fraud that it is.

The judges, the fashion elite, don't care about what women want to wear.  They don't care about making clothes that will appeal to the average woman.  They care about what's in style and fashion forward, which is strange because they are also the ones who decide what is in style and fashion forward.  The fashion world is a closed loop of self-congratulatory nonsense where avant garde pieces are praised for being bold and creative.

I guess the fact that no woman would ever actually wear them or want to wear them or consider buying them doesn't matter.  So for me, it's great that Anna won The Fashion Show, it's fantastic that they let America vote to expose the fact that what's great in the fashion world isn't necessarily great anywhere else.

Anna will make money because she isn't completely consumed by fashion as art, she's not obsessed with being cutting edge or avant garde.  She makes clothes regular women would wear and buy, and no matter how much the judges may swoon and fall in love with Daniella's collection, there's no place for armor-inspired clothing in the real world/

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image courtesy of Bravo)