Exclusive Interview: Johnny R. of 'The Fashion Show'
Exclusive Interview: Johnny R. of 'The Fashion Show'
So last night, the world (or at least Bravo TV watchers) was shocked to see that Johnny R. had copied a Lanvin dress almost exactly on The Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is supposed to be about innovative, up and coming designers so obviously, Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland and Fern Mallis were outraged that Johnny would even think of creating a knock off of such a well known designer.

I had a chance to talk to Johnny today about what went wrong. To be honest, I felt bad for the guy because he just sounded miserable when he answered the phone. I'm guessing that journalists had been ripping into him all day. So, I decided to start the interview out nice and easy; give him a little time to feel comfortable. If you'd like to hear the interview, listen below or you can just skip down to read the highlights.

Johnny seemed like a nice enough guy but I just can't really stand by him after he treated Angel so poorly on last night's episode. When I asked Johnny why it was so difficult for him to work with her, he told me that they didn't know each other well and never "clicked." When I pressed him further, he placed some of the blame on Angel, claiming that she was just as unhappy about working with him. But who could blame her for being unhappy when he made it clear from the beginning that she was his last choice. Maybe second to last next to Merlin. Who knows?

The most interesting thing about this season has been the two gangs that have formed on the show. On one side, you have Johnny, Anna, Haven, and Daniella and on the other side you have Angel, James-Paul, Merlin and Reco. When I asked Johnny if the division was as clear to him as it was to the viewer, he told me that Anna, Haven, and Daniella were just his really close friends. Not only that, but Johnny said there was no animosity amongst the contestants. I'm not sure how true this is but I'm guessing Johnny meant that he, personally feels no animosity towards the other "gang."

Now, to the dress. Once again, i felt bad for him so I tried to just let him talk. Evidently, his design started out as something completely different and then after a couple suggestions formed into the final product that Isaac called a knockoff. He had placed a light blue fabric under the green leopard print and Isaac told him it didn't look good. Johnny says he formed this dress completely unconsciously and it was obviously never his intention to copy Lanvin. When asked what he would do differently, he said he would have worked with a fabric he knew well. Evidently, Angel pushed him to use silk, although he admits to picking out the fabric.

Whatever happened, Johnny's obviously really sad and embarrassed about it. Check back next week for more on The Fashion Show.

Take a look at the controversial dress yourself below:


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- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image Courtesy of Bravo)