CBS Dumps 'The Ex List'
CBS Dumps 'The Ex List'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When I heard that The Ex List, CBS' new romantic comedy, was being scheduled Fridays at 9pm between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs, the first thing I did was write the headline for this article. If Moonlight couldn't survive this timeslot, The Ex List never had a chance. According to TVGuide, The Ex List is being axed effective immediately.

Technically, CBS is only removing it from the schedule, though at this point, the cancellation is just a formality. This Friday, a repeat of NCIS will air Friday at 9pm, and it will probably do better than The Ex List.

The Ex List has filmed 11 episodes, though only four have aired. The latest episode saw a series-low rating with only 5.65 million viewers. If that doesn't sound so bad to you, Ghost Whisperer, which airs at 8pm, received nearly 10 million viewers while Numb3rs at 10pm had a little more than 9 million.

Despite the low ratings, The Ex List was one of the better reviewed new shows of the season. The romantic comedy starred Elizabeth Reaser (Ava/Rebecca on Grey's Anatomy) as Bella Bloom, a single florist who is told by a fortune teller that she has one year to get married to one of her ex-boyfriends or she'll be single forever. Bella writes a list of all her exes, and in each episode she runs into a new one.

Upcoming episodes featured more exes played by Men in Trees star James Tupper, My Boys star Reid Scott and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. There is still a chance that CBS will burn off those final unaired episodes, maybe on one of the network's sister channels. The short-lived CBS romantic comedy Love Monkey got to air on VH1, so that could always be a possibility.

The Ex List becomes the third casualty of the new TV season, following the cancellations of Do Not Disturb and Opportunity Knocks.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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