Bringing Sexy Back: #4 Elizabeth Reaser in 'The Ex List'
Bringing Sexy Back: #4 Elizabeth Reaser in 'The Ex List'
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Audiences connected to Reaser during the third season of Grey's Anatomy where she played Ava, the pregnant crush victim who developed a crush on Dr. Karev. That exposure made her a recognizable star, and now she has her own show as a charming young woman looking for love.

Grey's Anatomy may have given her a break, but it never gave her a chance to show off how sexy and beautiful she can be. For a long time she was obscured in injury make-up, then in season 4 she went a little psychotic and tried to kill herself. With the light romantic comedy The Ex List, Reaser finally has the opportunity to win over viewers as America's next sweetheart, and the show is so airy and charming that it will be impossible for audiences not to fall in love with her.


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