The 5 New Fall Shows You Need to Watch
The 5 New Fall Shows You Need to Watch
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Summer is in full swing and the TV season is drying up. While cable gems like True Blood and Burn Notice keep me sufficiently entertained, the promise of a brand-new onslaught of shows this fall has me a lot more excited. With more than 20 new shows to sample this fall, it's hard to figure out which ones are worth your time, but I've already got my Must-Watch viewing list down to five.

These are the shows you need to start getting obsessed about, because one of them will certainly be the breakout hit of the new season. Let's take a closer look at the five new shows I am already obsessed with.

#5 Nikita
The CW, Thursdays at 9pm

The main reason I'm excited about Nikita is the fact that I'm still looking for a new Alias. I miss watching Sydney Bristow kick butt and wind her way through complex mysteries.  Nikita looks like it could fill that void with Maggie Q as the bad-ass assassin trying to take down her former shadowy boss. Throw in the divine Melinda Clarke (The O.C., The Vampire Diaries) and Xander Berkeley (who I still love as 24's George Mason) and you have the potential for a really fun and enthralling action series.

#4 Hawaii Five-0
CBS, Mondays at 10pm

Remakes are almost always bad, so why should this one be any different? Just look at the cast: Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin, Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park and Lost's Daniel Dae Kim. It's like the casting director was replaced by a random nerd from Comic-Con, which is great for me. Getting three established TV cult icons on one show is definitely a promising sign.

#3 My Generation
ABC, Thursdays at 8pm

My attachment to this show is probably based on the premise. My Generation is a documentary-style scripted series about a group of high school students who graduated in 2000 as seen in the present day. It sounds simple, but since I graduated high school in 2000, it's one of the more relatable shows for me. Combine that with the look and feel of Friday Night Lights without the football, and you have a character study that I'm already obsessed with.

#2 Undercovers
NBC, Wednesdays at 8pm

The single greatest pilot episode I've ever seen was J.J. Abrams' Alias. The second-best was Lost, also by Abrams. As such, the fact that Undercovers is J.J. Abrams' latest project instantly puts it on my must-see list. When you also consider the fact that it looks like a cross between Alias and Chuck, I've already approved this show for a full season of watching, at least.

#1 The Event
NBC, Mondays at 9pm

If you want to know why I'm so excited about The Event, you obviously haven't watched the trailer yet. The goal of television should be to instantly pull you into a new world and provide an instant investment in what's going on. I haven't even seen the first episode, but I already want to know what the Event is. Why is there a missing woman, a massive government conspiracy, a secret facility and a plane crashing at the president's party? And that's all in the first freaking episode!?! The world needs a new mystery to become invested in, and if the trailer is any indication, The Event is the new Lost.

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