SyFy May Revive 'The Event,' But Do They Have To?
SyFy May Revive 'The Event,' But Do They Have To?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
A few weeks ago, The Event fizzled its way to a well-deserved cancellation grave. The sci-fi/action series had started off strong, but both ratings and plots swiftly took a nosedive. While there may have been a few diehard fans out there mourning its loss, the end of The Event seemed final and unlamented.

Apparently not. According to new reports, the show may be back, this time on SyFy.

According to, the canceled program may get picked up as a SyFy miniseries. This move would serve to tie up loose plotlines and provide closure for whoever still cares. If there turn out to be enough people in the "still caring" category, the mini-series could even morph into a full-fledged series.

Just think: episode after episode of sometimes-good-sometimes-evil aliens and Sean Walker defying the space-time continuum with his increasingly pointless travels! Oh SyFy...

But don't get too excited, Event fans. None of this is certain yet. The show's producers are involved in talks involving SyFy and the production studio, Universal Media Studios. Any eventual deal depends on whether the move to cable would be financially feasible. If not, The Event remains dead.

The fate of The Event, therefore, remains a question. It is not, however, the most important question. That would be:


Seriously, of all of the many, many shows canceled in recent memory, why would The Event deserve a reprieve?

The Event didn't have the ratings, not after the first few episodes anyway. And the show most definitely did not have the critical support. How could it when the plot, instead of moving forward, merely dispersed into a million semi-important directions -- none of which seemed to go anywhere? We are, after all, talking about a show that never sufficiently explained what the titular "event" was.

Instead of saving The Event, basic cable would be much better off saving a multitude of other deserving shows. These include:

  • Breaking In: It's a show with decent ratings that's even geek-friendly enough for SyFy.
  • Lie to Me: This beloved but messed-with procedural is perfect for basic cable.
  • Reaper: Long-canceled, but with a still-available cast (see Breaking In above) and devoted fan base, Reaper could do it.
  • Flashforward: Sure, it was frustrating, convoluted and weird. But just compare it to The Event. Seems pretty good now, doesn't it?
  • Lone Star: Just on principle.
But SyFy will not be saving any of these shows. Only The Event has a chance.

Did you enjoy The Event? Will you be watching the show if it airs on SyFy? What other shows would you like to see revived by basic cable? Let us know in the comments section below!

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