'Dead Zone' 6.05 "Interred" - Recap
'Dead Zone' 6.05 "Interred" - Recap
The Dead Zone comes through with an episode that is not claustrophobia friendly.  Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) begins having visions of being buried alive, and when he approaches Sheriff Turner (Cara Buono) he begins to have visions of her past involving her brother.  Meanwhile, Johnny tries to convince the skeptical Sheriff that Walt was on the up and up, something she would love to believe but is unwilling to discuss with the psychic.

Johnny is on a driving course and offers to help a struggling cutie, but when he takes a swing he is transported into a coffin, and into the body of someone who is buried alive.  Frantically, he tries to find the ball so he can get more info but falls.  When he leans against the tractor that collects the ball, he gets another vision, and this prompts him to go to Sheriff Turner.

At Turner's office, Johnny gets a vision from her desk of her cradling an apparently wounded young man.  He asks her who “Emmit” is, and she says that is her brother. 

For the next several scenes, they work together trying to figure out where the buried person may be.  They visit Walt's grave, which prompts the discussion about Walt's innocence.  Turner would like nothing more than for this to be true, but she needs evidence.  She is still not willing to discuss exactly what it is that Walt has done wrong.

When they return to the office, Johnny gets a vision of the buried man from the bulletin board.  This time he gets a name, Deitz.  Turns out to be a loan shark type of guy, Turner has some info on him but Johnny's frequent visions of her past prompt her to distance herself.

They corner Deitz, who in turn pleads ignorance to the buried man.  Another vision, though, leads Johnny and Turner to a pair of real estate developers whose office was recently over turned by Detiz's thugs.  Worse yet, one of the partners is missing and by tracing the visions Johnny comes to the conclusion the missing man is the man in the box.

Throughout the investigation, Turner gets various phone calls she is conspicuously guarded of.  Johnny continues to get visions of her past, and a junky like character named the “bird man.”

As Johnny splits with the developer's partner to check a likely location, Turner goes to roust Detiz again.  According to the developer's partner, the missing chap owed Deitz a fair bit of money.  When Turner questions Detiz again, he says it wasn't the missing man that owed him money at all, but the partner who is currently leading Johnny to the possible burial site.

Sure enough, once Johnny and the partner uncover the man's living tomb, the partner turns on Johnny and knocks him into the grave and begins covering him over.  It turns out they had found a forgotten cemetery and the partner got spooked and wanted to cancel the deal.

Turner shows up and saves the day, and together they go and bust Deitz as well as the murderous real estate developer.  While the case is chilling down, Turner gets another mysterious call and hurries out.   Before long she is parked in the shadows of a seedy alley, watching the “bird man” from Johnny's vision with her service revolver sitting on the seat next to her.

Johnny shows up unexpectedly and he immediately has a vision of what happened.  Turner's brother, Emmit, hard purchased drugs from the Bird Man and had hallucinated that he could fly and jumped from a building to his death.  Turner had given the Bird Man a break earlier that week when he swore he'd go clean, so she feels responsible for her brother's death, but at the same time wants a little payback.

Johnny convinces her not to go through with it.  Turner is now a believer, it would seem, in Johnny's powers but is quick to tell him they are not friends.  Johnny is okay with that, for now.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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