Welcome, President Obama
Welcome, President Obama
Taking a walk around my neighborhood today, there were a lot of smiling faces.  Though I was listening to headphones, I received an array of friendly nods.  I returned these nods, and even smiled a little to myself, despite a deep-seeded Nordic propensity to carry myself with a constant scowl.  Over the past few months, every time I've walked out of my house, I've been in Obama country.  There's no mistaking it.  Granted, I do reside in one of the two or three most liberal neighborhoods (Wallingford) in one of the three four most liberal cities in the country (Seattle).  Still, it wasn't like this in 2004, and it wasn't like this in 2000.  After I write this, I'm heading up to join my friends at a bar to celebrate.  Barack Obama won the presidential election tonight.  I can't even try to hide that smile anymore.

The Obama campaign has presided over a seismic shift in our country.  It is the information age and, despite the amount of noise out there, the young people have been heard.  A new set of generations are running this country, and the old guard is being tossed to the wayside.   Whatever your politics are, if you believe in democracy, then you'll agree that the more people who vote, the better it is for the country.  The record turnout nationwide today is a clear sign that the Barack Obama and the media has inspired a new group of voters to let their voices be heard. 

The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live continue to play a massive part in the way we view politics.  For a significant segment of younger voters, those shows represent the only source for their political coverage.  Some may deride this as a problem, and maybe it is, but it is also very telling regarding what kind of coverage speaks to the youth of this country.  The Daily Show has, and continues to be, one of the only media platforms that delves into the media itself and searches diligently for truth.  It can do so in an occasionally distasteful manner, but it most of the time succeeds in canceling out the noise and getting to the heart of the matters.

A change was called for and, tonight, it came.  Whether this is a good thing for our country, no one knows.  Yet, as I walked around earlier today, the air felt crisper, the sky brighter, the spirit of the community jointly lifted.  Barack Obama is our new president.

Welcome, President Obama.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of AP)