'The Crazy Ones' TCA Panel: Funny Moments from Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar
'The Crazy Ones' TCA Panel: Funny Moments from Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Robin Williams is returning to television in "The Crazy Ones," and he'll be playing the father of Sarah Michelle Gellar's character. It's a hilarious workplace comedy where the father and daughter work together at an ad agency.

 At the CBS Television Critics Association Press Day, the cast and executive producers discussed the upcoming show. Throughout the panel presentation, there were plenty of funny moments and laughter. 

Check out the hilarious moments from the panel:

Robin Williams (In a Russian accent.): "We'd like to thank everyone for coming here today to raise money to send to Edward Snowden -- (Laughter.) -- in the Kim Philby Lounge at the Moscow Airport.  Thank you very much."

Sarah Michelle Gellar regarding the opportunity to work with Robin Williams: "To me, if you think of, the top ten comics of all time, legends, to me, Robin is on that list.  You know, I think one of the great things for me"
Williams: "And Carrot Top."
Gellar: "And Carrot Top, of course, but with his shirt off."

Williams: "For me I want to see if we can use a real product like Apple and make up a new product for them, like the New Apple iEye, which is beyond Google Glasses.  They actually deposit it behind your frontal lobe.  And eventually you're, what are you doing? (Slapping head) Reboot!  But the idea of way beyond attention deficit disorder  digital attention deficit disorder, or DAD."

Gellar: I don't know if it's one of those "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  I don't know if Robin makes me a better parent or being a parent makes me a better actor opposite Robin, because it's kind of the same thing, which is I have to keep a straight face.  So it's sort of like when my 3-year old says something really inappropriate and it's really funny but I can't laugh.  That's kind of like working with Robin. So I, you know...
Williams:  (Raises hand.)
Gellar: ...keep a straight face, keep straight.  So one or the other is making me better.  I'm not sure which.
    Williams: I went to rehab in wine country just to keep my options open.

    EP Jason Winer:  ... the moments of improvisation are really targeted.  There are scenes that we attack really specifically as written.  People forget that Robin is a Julliard-trained, Oscar-winning actor.
    Williams:  (Projecting) Trained.
    Winer:  That's what I'm saying.
    Williams:  (Projecting) Classically trained.
    Winer:  And we'd be foolish not to exploit that side of him.

    The Crazy Ones premieres Thursday September 26 at 9pm ET on CBS.

    Check out a preview of The Crazy Ones.

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