'The Client List' Season 2 Preview: More Danger, Sexiness and Intrigue
'The Client List' Season 2 Preview: More Danger, Sexiness and Intrigue
The Client List Season 2 returns to Lifetime Sunday March 10. Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays the Texan-housewife/masseuse, Riley Parks, returns to a very tricky situation. In the season one finale, Riley realized that she left the much classified black book at The Rub, the massage parlor where she works. Like any little black book, it contains all her secrets. And with this clientele she can't afford the consequences of the details being linked. When Riley went to get it in the middle of the night, she accidentally set off the security alarm and found herself staring face to face with her separated husband. Soon after the alarm was tripped, police turned up at the scene, Riley standing with the black book in hand.

So the big question is: will Riley be able to get out unscathed from this situation? We shall find out real soon when The Client List returns.

What to Expect from The Client List Season 2:

"There's a lot of danger, a lot of intrigue, there's a lot of sexiness," Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals to Access Hollywood. These are exactly seen in the much talked about promo video featuring Hewitt on skimpy clothes doing a lot of sexy dancing while performing the Peggy Lee original, "I'm a Woman."

When asked about how she felt about the viewers' response that the promo video has generated, "It's exactly what I hoped for," Hewitt confessed to Zap2It. "Both of them have been based on a little dream I had of what we should do, and we had the help of [director] Matthew Rolston and [producer] Randy Jackson this time, which was just awesome. I don't think I've ever had as much fun as I did that day, and we've absolutely loved the reaction."

The Client List season 2 will also build on the love triangle between Riley and the two brothers, her estranged husband Kyle Parks (Brian Hallisay) and brother-in-law Evan Parks (Colin Egglesfield) who also harbors hidden feelings for her.

"I think that we've done our jobs right in that we're going to change the audiences' mind about Riley's husband quite a bit. People may be surprised that they may root for him at some point," Hewitt reveals. And what about Evan? "They'll also root for Evan, obviously, because Evan's amazing," she adds.

So who will Riley choose between the two brothers? Follow the intriguing life of Riley Parks on The Client List season 2 as she tries to make extra cash for her family with her special services when it returns March 10 on Lifetime.

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Xylem Thomson
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