'The Client List' Season 1 Preview Guide: The Risque and Gritty Life of Riley
'The Client List' Season 1 Preview Guide: The Risque and Gritty Life of Riley
A successful film made for television in 2010, The Client List returns to the small screen, picking up the film's depiction of a fraught housewife hustling to provide for her family but tweaking it with more intricate story lines and intriguing plot arcs apt for a show series.

Lifetime's new original drama The Client List season 1 follows the life of Riley Parks played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Riley is a housewife from Texas, a single mother at that, trying to solely support her family. She was left struggling with deep financial straits when her husband abandoned her with her children.

To ensure there is food on the table, Riley is forced to work as a masseuse at what appears to be a traditional spa in a neighboring town. She quickly realizes that the work she thought she would be doing actually goes beyond just doing massages. These "extra services" open her mind to an entirely different world she has not seen before. Quick on her toes, Riley thinks hard and she embraces the opportunity of partnering with the parlor's feisty owner in running the business; that is, jumping right into arguably the world's oldest profession to help ease her from all the financial troubles.

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Riley now tries to delicately balance a moral conflict between two utterly different yet severely connected worlds altogether - being a single mother in a conservative town struggling to be a provider and the other that centers on her job at the massage parlor and all that revolves around it.

As she becomes more involved with the spa's operations and its special clientele, Riley tussles while working secretly knowing all those she loved would certainly disapprove of it. Unfortunately, that's the reality of it all.

"I think it's realistic. There really is economically families that are put in these positions.  There are women out there who are in sex worker positions and it's a reality," says Hewitt, when asked how she feels about women, like Riley, who are caught between a conventional job and compromising morals to get by.

Apart from the Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Client List season 1 will also see esteemed actors in the cast, namely Golden Globe winner Cybill Shepherd as Riley's mother Linette, Emmy Award-winning actress Loretta Devine as the disorganized spa owner Georgia, and Colin Egglesfield as Riley's brother-in-law Evan.

So what should you expect taking out of tuning in to The Client List season 1? Hewitt says, "I feel like as women and men and people on the planet, you just have to do the best with what life gives you.  Hopefully on our show people will have a lot of fun watching Riley do the best with what life has offered her, and it'll be an interesting series."

Lifetime has ordered 10 one-hour episodes of The Client List season 1, which is set to premiere on April 8 2012.

Xylem Thomson
Contributing Writer

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