The Chopping Block: Season Premiere Preview
The Chopping Block: Season Premiere Preview
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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From NBC's official press release:

The contestants have only 48 hours to open their restaurants for business on the premiere episode of NBC's The Chopping Block starring famed chef Marco Pierre White.

Noted food critic Corby Kummer from Atlantic Magazine critiques the service and the food before Marco sends one team packing.

On the premiere episode of NBC's The Chopping Block (Wednesday, March 11, 8-9 pm ET) the contestants are divided into two teams and each have 48 hours to open their restaurant's for business under the watchful and critical eye of celebrated chef, Marco Pierre White.

Eight couples arrive in Manhattan with the hopes of fulfilling a single dream - to open their own quality restaurant. The heat is on when White ushers the two teams into two empty restaurant spaces on the same street in the middle of Manhattan. There, they are given less than 48 hours to accomplish a multitude of tasks including: a design and makeover of each space, planning a menu and generating buzz-worthy publicity to ensure a crowd on opening night. Both establishments will open at the same time and will be competing for the same hungry customers.

As if that isn't enough pressure during their first challenge, noted food critic of Atlantic Magazine, Corby Kummer will dine in each establishment and observe the chaos that inevitably unfolds on his plate and in the front of the house. At the end of dinner service, White will return with Kummer's reviews. Afterwards, a surprising turn of events take place during Marco's elimination.

The eight couples competing are:

Angela and Samantha
Alex and Nate
Panya and Michael
Mikey and Chad
Lisa and Michael
Denise and Khoa
Kelsey and Vanessa
Dean and Shari

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