The Chopping Block
The Chopping Block
In the tradition of food-related reality competition shows, NBC unveils the latest from the makers of Hell's Kitchen.  The Chopping Block tests the mettle of cooks and chefs, not only in their ability to serve up one tasty treat after another, but their savvy in building a fully functional restaurant from the ground up in less than seven days' time.

Sixteen would-be restaurateurs paired off in twos compete for the right to make their dream of opening a restaurant in the heart of the New York.

Minus the terror of Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay, but under the watchful eye of another temperamental culinary master, two teams made up of four couples each get less than a week to work wonders on a couple of empty restaurant spaces.  The teams must rely on everything they know of restaurant design, construction, set-up and sanitation to deliver on several tasks and challenges.

Among the host of assignments they will be graded on are: the makeover of the empty space, planning a menu for the restaurant, and drumming up a campaign sure to draw a sizable crowd when the bistro opens.  Both establishments, situated right next to each other, will open simultaneously and will go head-to-head with each other every night, while also vying for a slice of the hungry Manhattan crowd against 26,000 other restaurants in the world's busiest city.

Serving as master of ceremonies cum mentor to The Chopping Block contenders is famed chef/restaurateur, three-star Michelin recipient, and original kitchen hothead, Marco Pierre White. 

"I am lucky enough to have realized my dream and I will never achieve anything greater than 3 stars Michelin," White said.  "What excites me today is creating opportunities for others to fulfill their dreams and visions.  The great thing about The Chopping Block is that it gives couples this amazing opportunity to change their lives forever and the interesting bit for me is seeing who appreciates this and takes full advantage of it."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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