'The Carrie Diaries': What to Expect for Carrie and Her Friends This Season
'The Carrie Diaries': What to Expect for Carrie and Her Friends This Season
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, has now aired and fans of the new CW series may be wondering what they can expect from this show as it goes through its first season. Amy B. Harris, the producer of The Carrie Diaries gave reporters some clues at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday, January 13.

Find out what she said here.

WARNING: There are some mild Carrie Diaries spoilers in this article. But it's nothing you need to worry about.

How will Carrie maintain the illusion that she's old enough to live the party lifestyle in New York City?

Amy B. Harris: This is a coming of age story with the heightened experience of Manhattan, and she will be hiding her age for quite a bit of time with a lot of jokes about good dermatology and fresh faced Carrie Bradshaw.  And, yeah, we're definitely going to be playing with what age is appropriate to sort of be chasing down this new kind of life.  

So it's going to add a lot of drama, hopefully, and fun to the show, especially when it explodes in her face.

Will we ever meet younger versions of the other Sex and the City ladies?

Amy B. Harris: My whole thing when we first started developing this series was let's get to know Carrie.  It's obviously a new actor playing a very iconic role that was so beautifully filled by Sarah Jessica, and I felt like let's get to know Carrie, see her world really develop, this new world that we're in. 

And then, yes, I've definitely thought about different ways that we will meet her three other friends, but I really felt like, at least initially, just let people enjoy this new universe, kind of get sucked in, and then hopefully we can have a lot of fun with how they get introduced.

How will Walt's struggle to define his sexuality feature in The Carrie Diaries?

Amy B. Harris: It's the '80s.  I don't actually think I knew anybody was gay in my entire high school at all.  And I remember getting to college and being in theater, and someone told me that they were gay in a theater program, and I was, like [gasps].  Like, I couldn't -- it was so silly because I grew up in Washington, D.C., and I went to a performance art camp where there were kids who were actually openly gay, but I really didn't have any close people in my life who were gay until I was much older.  

And I felt like I really wanted to authentically play that out for Walt and how scary that is because -- I think Dan Savage said this, and it's really true. Like, 25 years ago, to imagine as a gay person that you could have a family, children, marriage. It's not just coming out to family and friends who will be shocked in the '80s.  It's also saying no to a life that a lot of people want, which is to have a home life with a partner and to have children.  So you were -- you were letting go of so many things.

How does Carrie's teen story relate to the woman in Sex and the City?

Amy B. Harris: When you lose a parent, the fear and the abandonment that you come to every relationship with is so tremendous.  And then to add on top of that, you have -- your parental relationship is totally romanticized... It's suddenly now this perfect thing that can't be touched.

What I loved about that is Carrie is so -- as an adult -- is so romantic and has such high expectations for what a relationship will bring, and I think that's to some degree because she has a good relationship with her father.  

How important is the story of first love?

Amy B. Harris: I love that it gets to be the first. Like, how is that first love going to play itself out so that we find out why she chases people like Big and ends up not with someone like Aidan.  So for me to be able to layer that in and let that shimmer for the Sex and the City audience, like, "Oh, you know, if she hadn't ended up with that A-hole, maybe she would have been attracted to the Aidans of the world," not Sebastian necessarily, but maybe.  We haven't played that out entirely yet.  But, for me, that's the fun of it, is sort of how those first loves help shape what you are attracted to in the universe