'The Cape' Fan Columnist: The Dead Will Rise
 'The Cape' Fan Columnist: The Dead Will Rise
Kevin Wohler
Kevin Wohler
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It's been a hard road for The Cape. The show has been struggling, but they aren't giving up without a fight. This week, The Cape puts things into high gear with a two-part episode that is guaranteed to kick things up a notch. But will it be enough to raise this show from an early grave?

Episode 7, "The Lich: Part I" begins the way most good stories do, with a man trying to rent a truck. But when the young woman runs his credit card, the system shows him as deceased. When she confronts the man, he blows dust in her face and apparently kills her. But he leaves her with the cryptic message: "Rejoice, my lamb. For he is risen."

Who is Janet Peck?

Vince Faraday (David Lyons) has a dream that he can't be seen by his family. Max (Keith David) wakes him to help investigate a missing body from a grave. The body belonged to Janet Peck, a friend from Rollo's (Martin Klebba) past. Looking at the unearthed grave, Vince says her body wasn't robbed. She clawed her way out. This disturbing news is interrupted when Rollo gets a call that she's been found.

Peter Fleming (James Frain) is trying to get the mayor of Palm City to approve his purchase of a port for trade, but the Port Authority secretary, Patrick Portman (Richard Schiff), doesn't want to give ARK the means to ship weapons through Palm City. Fleming makes a thinly veiled threat about "killing the deal." Portman had best watch his back.

Portman (the name is so apropos now) meets with Orwell to talk about Fleming's plans. He doesn't want Fleming to start running weapons through Palm City, but Portman has exhausted nearly every legal avenue. His one hope is the land on which the port is built.

The Chandler family owned the land, but the family all died without any heirs. The city built without ever buying the land. But Portman found a birth certificate for a baby who never appeared: Conrad Chandler. Hoping that a potential heir might gum up the works in Fleming's bid to buy the port, he hands the certificate over to Orwell to investigate.

Meanwhile, Rollo, Max and Vince find Janet, who is dirty and hiding in the back of an abandoned bus. She seems to have turned out the lights, because nobody's home. She keeps saying, "He's calling me." She starts talking about The Lich, and then lashes out at Rollo.

It's a Zombie Thang
Max says Janet's been drugged by a neurotoxin that causes paralysis and a highly suggestive state. Like in sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti. You know, like a zombie. Not that anyone's using that word.

Vince tells Max how in every precinct, there's a file for supernatural and strange occurrences. Called The Lich file, this is where the scary stuff ends up. It's all attributed to a boogeyman called The Lich.

Really? Maybe it was smart to privatize the police force. ARK may be led by a psychopath with a split-personality disorder, but they aren't playing The X-Files on the taxpayers' dime.

Ruvi (Anil Kumar) comes in to use his "surgical" skill of the mind to see if he can help Janet. From her mind, he gets information about The Lich. Max, Rollo, and Vince go into the tunnels to see what they can find and almost get run over.

Everyone Loves a Parade

After escaping, they discover a staging area for a terrorist attack. It seems to be connected to the Founder's Day parade. The bad guys seemed poised to use the neurotoxin used on Janet to gas the entire city. Vince, as The Cape, visits Marty (Dorian Missick) to warn him.

Orwell tracks a lead to a facility called The Orchard in Palm Ridge. A woman named Netta (Illeana Douglas) says that Conrad Chandler was abandoned there as a child. Orwell meets Conrad Chandler (Glenn Fitzgerald), who is a broken man.

The Cape shows Marty the staging area and demands that the chief of police talk to Fleming. They need to shut down the Founder's Day parade.

Ruvi seems to think that Janet is going to get better, but Rollo is pained to see his friend suffer. She is still babbling about the dead rising.

Fleming is not happy to hear that The Cape is the source of this information and demands that Marty arrest The Cape.

Chandler is not happy with the changes that have come to Palm City. He blames Fleming, who he sees as a criminal.

Even Admiral Ackbar Could See This is a Trap

Following a lead from Marty, The Cape walks into a trap and is arrested. Being driven away by Marty, The Cape realizes the hole in their logic. The terrorist plot wasn't the truck they found but something that would already be expected to be in the parade. He convinces Marty to turn the car around and head back to the warehouse where the parade floats are kept.

Back at The Orchard, Conrad Chandler is contemplating the birth certificate Orwell has shown him. He says that he has risen to punish the traitors, to reclaim his birthright. He knows that he was not abandoned. His mother had him committed.

While investigating the warehouse, Marty is attacked. The Cape saves him, and knocks out the man, who had the neurotoxin powder. But this man may not be The Lich after all.

Chandler reveals to Orwell that he has a disease that causes his flesh to rot, making him look like the dead. He uncovers his true face and shows that he is (cue music ... da da dum!) The Lich! The Lich uses his toxin on Orwell. And things look bleak.

What could be worse? How about three final words: TO BE CONTINUED ...

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