'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Whose Crime Is It Anyway?
'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Whose Crime Is It Anyway?
Kevin Wohler
Kevin Wohler
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Any new television series would be proud to say its success is like a runaway train by its fourth episode. And Monday night's episode of The Cape gave us a runaway train filled with money and the city's wealthiest people in an episode that had to be called "Scales on a Train."

One thing that makes The Cape such a fun show is the caricature-like villains who populate Palm City. In this episode, we get a chance to better know Dominic Raoul, a.k.a. Scales (Vinnie Jones).

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Scales of Injustice

Scales is a hired thug for the criminal mastermind Chess, but he starts to feel a pinch when Peter Fleming's (James Frain) Ark Corporation wants a cut of the action. Scales is furious by the new terms of their arrangement and threatens to take out his anger on the messenger: an Ark agent named Mick (Brian Howe).

Vince Faraday, a.k.a. The Cape (David Lyons) is supposed to work with Orwell (Summer Glau) to do some recon of Fleming. The billionaire is hosting a charity fundraiser aboard a train, and Orwell plans to be there. But Faraday's mind is elsewhere. It's his son's 10th birthday. Since Faraday's apparent death, he's been separated from his family.

Faraday goes to Max (Keith David) at the carnival for backup. But Max isn't interested. He has carnival business to attend to that night. What he doesn't mention is that he, Rollo (Martin Klebba) and Ruvi (Anil Kumar) have a train to catch.

Armed with a copy of Scales' conversation, The Cape goes to confront the gangster. The Cape patiently explains to him that Fleming is really Chess. So, Scales is paying off the same man twice. Scales is infuriated.

The Monte Carlo Money Train

At the charity event, Fleming is dressed in a white cowboy outfit for the costume party. He's the "new sheriff in town." But when Scales shows up he must smile for the cameras -- or else Scales will out him as Chess.

The Cape watches from hiding and sees Rollo, dressed as a train conductor boarding the train.

Meanwhile, Faraday's son Trip (Ryan Wynott) is spending a birthday alone while his mom (Jennifer Ferrin) is stuck in traffic. 

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The Cape vs. Scales vs. Chess

Faraday and Scales are squaring off and the Carnival of Crime is threatening to rob the train. Then Faraday runs into Patrick Portman (Richard Schiff), the Secretary of the Bureau of Prisons, whom The Cape saved in episode two. Portman has dressed like The Cape for the costume party. The Cape (the real one) confronts Rollo and gets knocked out by Ruvi (Anil Kumar).

With the press watching, Orwell (in her own disguise) confronts Fleming about the sweeps that his Ark Corporation has performed, rounding up people and detaining them illegally. Fleming laughs it off, saying that it sounds like she had been reading Orwell's blog, but he seems disturbed, too. Could it be that he recognizes the young girl beneath the mask?

When Fleming discovers Scales talking to the mayor, he threatens to throw Scales off the train at the next stop. But then, Scales outs Fleming as Chess in front of the mayor and several guests. To his surprise, though, they only laugh. Outraged, Scales makes a snap decision to rob the train instead.

The Cape interferes and they have an obligatory fight on the roof of the train. Faraday has trouble with the wind, making it impossible to use his cape. He ends up going over the side.

Fleming gets the drop on Scales. But Scales' lackey, Noodle (Eric Michael Cole), disconnects the cars from the train. Scales and Noodle escape with the money car.

To no one's surprise, The Cape was not thrown off the train. When he finds Orwell, he discovers that the train is now a runaway. The only way to stop it is to cut the brake hose -- beneath the engine.

In the money car, Scales discovers Max and Ruvi robbing it. Max is a bit upset after being shot the last time he saw Scales and threatens to get even. Rollo locks Scales in a cage, triggering flashbacks of Scales' life as a circus freak. The Carnival of Crime escapes with the money.

On the runaway portion of the train, The Cape and Fleming must work together to cut the hose. After a bit of back and forth, wondering if they will kill each other, Fleming cuts the hose. The train comes screeching to a halt. Meanwhile, Scales escapes his cage. He discovers the ARK agent, Mick, and makes good on his earlier threat.

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An Unsteady Alliance

Faraday returns to the carnival and confronts Max. Max makes no effort to conceal what he has done. This does not bode well for their future together.

In the end, Faraday is disheartened that he was unable to bring Fleming to justice. It takes Orwell to point out what Faraday has accomplished. Fleming and Scales are at war, Portman seems to think The Cape is the best thing to happen to Palm City, and The Cape saved hundreds of lives.

And to top it off, he still managed to get his son a birthday present.

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