'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Bombers and Bad Men
'The Cape' Fan Columnist: Bombers and Bad Men
Kevin Wohler
Kevin Wohler
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In its short time on television, The Cape has had its share of problems. Some of the supporting characters are one-dimensional. The pacing of the stories has seemed rushed. And, worst of all, many of the stories have been uninspired.

Tonight's episode seemed to take the worst of the show's problems and lump them all together in a single story. What's worse, as there is only one episode left (and it's not even on the schedule yet), it's likely that The Cape will never have a chance to wrap up its loose ends or redeem itself.

Good Help Is Hard to Find

In episode 9, "Razer," the feud between Peter Fleming (James Frain) and Dominic "Scales" Raoul (Vinnie Jones) is getting out of control. The war between these two men has escalated, as thugs brazenly shoot it out with ARK officers.

And the citizens of Palm City are caught in the crossfire. In this case, the people caught in the crossfire are Dana Faraday (Jennifer Ferrin) and her son Trip (Ryan Wynott).

Fleming goes to Scales to see if the "third-rate hood" had anything to do with the shooting of the ARK officers. Fleming tries to strike a bargain, but Scales is not interested. Meanwhile Peter's alter ego, Chess, is banging away inside his head, asking for dominance.

When Vince Faraday (David Lyons) finds out his family was nearly shot, he turns to Orwell (Summer Glau) to see if there's any leads that could help him quell the violence. But Orwell, like many of the viewers, seems to have lost interest at this point.

Orwell Is NOT Watching

She hasn't been doing the "Orwell is watching" thing since her run-in with The Lich. In fairness, she's probably still shaking off the effects of her drug-induced hallucinations and her recurring vision of a white door. What's behind the white door is anyone's guess, but it's probably not good judging by Orwell's reaction.

Raja (Izabella Miko) comes in with blood on her hands, announcing that Rollo (Martin Klebba) is hurt very bad. It appears that Scales' thugs jumped Rollo -- though it's never quite explained what Rollo was doing sneaking around Scales' operation or why.

Rollo manages to warn Vince and the others that Scales is bringing in a bomb expert known as Razer to get at Fleming. But Max and his crew are in danger, too. Scales wants all the action in Palm City, and Max's heists are cutting in on Scales' turf.

Meanwhile, Fleming goes to visit his personal physician, Samuel (Elliott Gould). He tells his doctor that Chess is back. Samuel, rather than being concerned, seems to take the news in stride.

Time for a Speech

Rollo, beaten but unwilling to stay down, gives Vince a speech about duty and responsibility, telling the hero it's time to put up or shut up. He tells Vince he can't stand on the sidelines. Vince decides it's time to step up.

Max goes to see Scales and meets the wide-eyed thug known as Poker Face. Scales wants 20 percent and for Max to make way for Poker Face, in exchange for protection. Max, naturally, wants no part of the deal. "Don't screw with a magician. It's not a fair fight."

Hearing about the pressure from Scales, Ruvi (Anil Kumar) decides it's time to cut and run. The Circus of Crime can pull up stakes anytime, and Ruvi figures that the heat is on in Palm City. He wants to go, but Max won't leave Vince.

Max, who we know is a criminal, lays it on the table. He's not helping a former cop to get revenge. He's grooming Vince for something else. Something so big the mere mention of it gets Ruvi's attention. But it's still a mystery to us what he's talking about.

In a story we've seen a thousand times, Vince decides to pull a switch and take the place of Razer. With the help of Ruvi, they intercept Razer on his way into town. Luckily, no one knows anything about Razer other than he has a wooden leg and a scar on his face. At Scales' hideout, Vince manages to convince Scales that he in fact Razer. But what he's there to do is unclear.

Meanwhile, back at the Circus of Crime, Raja avoids conversation with their captive, the real Razer, but mistakenly gives him a piece of gum. Really? You're going to give the explosives guy a piece of gum? You might as well give MacGyver a paper clip and a rubber band. This will not end well.

Making a deal with Chess

Over at the doctor's office, Samuel begins his negotiations with Chess, Fleming's alter ego. He tells Chess that he has the keys, but Chess needs to keep a secret. Specifically, he needs to keep a secret from Fleming. How twisted is that? Samuel helps Peter to get rid of Chess, but Peter gives him a warning to "Always be honest with me."

The Cape, meanwhile, is using his new position as "Razer" to attack Scales' operation from within. But it doesn't take long for Scales to realize there's a rat in his organization. Naturally, he singles out the new guy and begins torturing him. It could be curtains for The Cape, but Vince has an ally Scales doesn't suspect.

Max, using a spare cape, attacks Scales' warehouse and rescues Vince. But back at the Circus of Crime, the real Razer has escaped. And where was Orwell during all this? It seems she's gone off the deep end, painting herself into a white room, locked inside her own nightmare.

How this will end is anyone's guess. As is whether or not we'll ever see the last episode. NBC cut the original order from 13 to 10 episodes. But the 10th episode, titled "Endgame," is not on the schedule at this point. Will it air? Will we care when it does? NBC seems to have given up on its hero, so don't expect it to be renewed for the fall.

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