'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers
'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers
This week promises more, new surprises on The Bold and the Beautiful, where not everyone is as benign and right-in-the-head as they may have originally seemed.  So, who could be the next to unravel in the high-stakes world of fashion, and in the continuing saga of the Logans and the Forresters.

Find out what lies ahead in this week's edition of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Monday, after Donna (Jennifer Lynne Gareis) flaunted her engagement ring to Pam (Alley Mills) at the close of last week's edition of The Bold and the Beautiful, this week begins with Pam revealing her true colors and disclosing her real intentions to Donna.  Meanwhile, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) butt heads over Ridge (Ronn Moss).  Finally, in a move not unlike what she'd already also done in the past, Felicia (Lesli Kay) delivers an emotional plea at Eric (John McCook) and Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) anniversary.

On Tuesday, Pam begins mapping out her vendetta against Donna, while Nick (Jack Wagner) starts to see Katie (Heather Tom) differently.  In still more spoilers, Wednesday on The Bold and the Beautiful catches Bridget (Ashley Jones) eavesdropping on a volatile discussion between Nick and Brooke.  Elsewhere, Donna and Eric go over their plans for their wedding.

Thursday, Pam manages to do away with the receptionist at Forrester Creations, take her place and in so doing, infiltrate the office.  Meanwhile Bridget confronts her mom regarding her betrayal.  Finally on Friday, Eric tries to initiate a truce with a seemingly docile Stephanie.  In other developments, Bridget tries to seduce her former husband, Nick, and in a shocking close to this week's The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna finds herself staring at the wrong end of a gun, with a vengeful Pam quite possibly trigger-happy against her.
In casting news, the long-missed Tracy Lindsey Melchior returns to reprise her role as Kristen Forrester on Monday, March 10 and Tuesday, March 11.

Spoilers for Week of MARCH 3-7

Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful picks up where it left off last week, with the courtroom drama surrounding the fight between Nick and Taylor Marone over their son, Jack.  On Tuesday, Taylor makes a last-ditch plea to win custody of her son by testifying on her own behalf.  Elsewhere, Eric notices an uncharacteristically softer, gentler side to his erstwhile venomous wife, Stephanie.

On Wednesday, Ridge questions Brooke about her intentions with regards to Nick and baby Jack.  Meanwhile, a desperate Taylor calls someone on the phone and soon, her new knight in shining armor, Rick, arrives to offer her much needed assistance.

In still more spoilers to this week's The Bold and the Beautiful, Thursday finds Brooke forced to come to grips with the fact that she must imminently choose between Nick and Ridge.  Meanwhile, Brooke's younger sister, Katie, seems intent on pushing Bridget back to Nick.

On Friday, the Forrester clan comes together to celebrate Eric and Stephanie's wedding anniversary, even as Donna shows off her engagement ring to Stephanie's sister, Pam.

Things to look out for this week: Ian Buchanan returns as Dr. James Warwick on Monday, March 3, while Alley Mills reprises her role as Pam on Friday's (March 7) episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

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