'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers
'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers
This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, can Taylor fight her demons and stay sober?  Or will the constant and irrefutable presence of Brooke in her life push her over the edge?

Find out what happens next in this week's spoilers to The Bold and the Beautiful.

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, the wheels in Jackie's mind are turning again as she discusses her new plans concerning Nick and Brooke's future.  Meanwhile, Nick decides to test his wife's willpower and self-control when it comes to staying off the bottle.

Tomorrow, Rick is in for a shock when he pays an unannounced visit to Taylor.  Even more stunning is when Taylor starts to experience hallucinations due to her obsession with Brooke.  In still more spoilers, Wednesday on The Bold and the Beautiful finds Rick just finding out the truth that baby Jack is his half brother.  He promptly goes on to drill his sister Bridget about her involvement in the egg mix-up fiasco that led to the situation.  Meanwhile, Taylor squares off with arch-nemesis Brooke regarding her continued meddling in her life, and tells Brooke to stay away from her and baby Jack.

On Thursday, Taylor's issues with Brooke finally send her to the edge and back to drinking.  On Friday, Donna has had enough with being blackmailed and recruits younger sister Katie to help her deal with it.  Stephanie returns from Chicago and makes a bee-line for her current Logan whipping girl, Donna.  Finally, Taylor goes to great lengths to keep her drinking hidden from Nick.

Also this week, Brooke sends an urgent message to Nick, which Taylor intercepts.  Stephanie is intent on getting Donna's assurance that she and Eric are through, but Donna tells Katie that she's determined to do what she must for them to stay together.  Lastly, Storm returns to the picture on The Bold and the Beautiful.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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