'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers for the Week of November 26
'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers for the Week of November 26
The saga of the Forrester dynasty continues with this week's installments on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Last week, Forrester matriarch and iron-fisted manipulator extraordinaire, Stephanie, became the victim of a behind the scenes shooting.

Read on to find out what developments are in store when The Bold and the Beautiful returns with this week's heaping of new episodes.

As this week's Bold and the Beautiful kicks off, Stephanie is wheeled into emergency surgery but not before she utters the name Logan as the person responsible for shooting her.  Outraged, Ridge leads the assault on the Logan clan by confronting them about what took place.

Katie seems convinced that Stephen was behind Stephanie's shooting, but Stephanie directs the blame at Donna.  For her part, Donna is hell bent on dodging and discrediting Stephanie's accusation in order to remain with Eric.

Meanwhile, Brooke discovers that her gun is missing.  Eric is stunned with Pam's unexpected arrival, even as Pam immediately launches into taunting Donna, who is taken aback by the provocation.  Despite the double-sided assault from sisters Stephanie and Pam though, Eric assures Donna that he is convinced of her innocence.

Elsewhere, in still more spoilers, Nick breathes a sigh of relief after Bridget delivers good news about baby Jack.  However, Brooke becomes critical of Taylor's motherly choices when she finds out that Taylor isn't breast-feeding Jack.  Brooke tells her that she simply wants what's best for ‘her' son.

As Brooke becomes more involved and invested in Jack, she and Ridge butt heads anew when Ridge fears that the baby could put their relationship in jeopardy.  This leads Brooke to undertake a huge sacrifice.

Back to the attempt on Stephanie's life, the list of suspects continues to grow, allowing Charlie to display his color-coded suspect chart.  He and Brad search Stephen's hotel room, where they find the gun used in Stephanie's shooting.  As the week ends on The Bold and the Beautiful, Charlie takes Stephen Logan into custody for shooting Stephanie Forrester.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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