The Bold and the Beautiful: September 13 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 13 Live Thoughts
Despite the wish I made yesterday on my fallen eyelash, The Bold and the Beautiful is back again today.  My eyelash was sacrificed in vain.

Felicia does her best to tell Brooke that she needs to go to the police, or else the sick bastard (read: Stephanie) who fed Andy Johnson the information will stay free to victimize another woman.

At the Cafe Russe, we find out that the private investigator is a lot smarter than poor, dumb Ridge.  The PI has already put two and two together and suspects that Stephanie has something to do with Andy.  Poor, dumb Ridge stays firmly in denial.

Felicia is worried that Ridge will take the law into his own hands, which would be bad news for everyone involved, so she advises Brooke that she has to go by the book.  I cannot tell you how much The Bold and the Beautiful would improve if Ridge went on a shooting rampage and killed everyone.

Poor, dumb Ridge goes home.  He half-heartedly looks through Stephanie's address book.  Eric quietly chides Ridge for missing Thorne's wedding, and also to pat him on the back for getting Brooke's children back to her.  Poor, dumb Ridge tells his pa about Brooke's rape.

We return from the opening credits to find poor, dumb Ridge and Eric rehashing the events.  Eric recalls that he was working late the night that the calls were made to Andy's cell phone.  Neither of them are willing to admit that Stephanie had anything to do with him.

Bridget visits Brooke as Felicia is leaving.  Bridget and Brooke talk about the trials that Bridget has had to suffer in the near past.  They have a sweet mother-daughter moment, but the close-up on Bridget's face when they hug speaks of some hidden suffering that she is not sharing with her mother. 

We find out after commercials that poor, dumb Ridge probably got his poorness and dumbness from Stephanie's side of the family because Eric realizes that Stephanie must have had something to do with Andy the Rapist.  He regrets not having had the gumption to provide more moral guidance to his wife.  Meanwhile, Ridge is still in denial.

Bridget is still with Brooke.  She realizes that Brooke is probably getting too attached to Ridge, and warns her to be careful.  Especially with the fact that Ridge is ostensibly dating Ashley.  Brooke doesn't really care because she luuurves Ridge.

Ridge comes home.  He must have been stopped by someone who beat the sense into him because he finally realizes that his mother was the accomplice.  He very dramatically reports the news to Brooke.  And with that, The Bold and the Beautiful is over for another day.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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