The Bold and the Beautiful: September 6 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 6 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful begins with Donna's and Thorne's wedding getting underway.  Katie is still confronting Donna about whether she is marrying Thorne for the right reasons.  Donna, who is still not dressed, says that the marriage will be good for their families.

Jacqueline and Stephanie exchange heated words about their fashion design rivalry.

Katie demands to know whether Donna loves Thorne, but Donna tries to dodge the question.

Donna gives Katie an impassioned speech about why she wants to marry Thorne.  She gives a lot of good reasons about companionship and growth, but she can't admit that she loves him.  But she reminds Katie that it's the Logans versus the Forresters--it always has been and it always will be.  She may be about to become a Forrester, but that just means the Logans will have someone on the inside.  She reminds Katie that she's a Logan and that she must support her sister.

Thorne is in the den practicing his vows.  Stephanie comes in to tell him that although she is not happy about the wedding, but she will support it.  She realizes that this is Thorne's lesson to learn.  She says that he will go through a lot of pain because of his decision, but she'll always be there for him.  They hug.

Ashley has arrived at the wedding, sans Ridge.  Stephanie comes over to offer her two cents: she thinks that Brooke is being incredibly selfish for keeping Ridge away from the wedding.

Thorne is in his room when Katie comes in to talk to him.  What will she say?  We have to wait until after the commercials to find out.

After the commercials, we find Ashley outside on the veranda.  Rick joins her, planting seeds of doubt in Ashley's mind about Brooke's and Ridge's relationship.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has changed from her blue frumpy outfit into a pink frumpy outfit, signaling her support of the wedding.

Finally, we rejoin Katie and Thorne.  Thorne tells her about how Donna reached out to him when he really needed help and no one else noticed.  He really loves her.  He says that he wouldn't be marrying Donna if he didn't know that her intentions were entirely pure.  Katie says that they're not pure, though, and Thorne looks up, with mild surprise in his bland eyes.  I really wish that the storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful would move a bit quicker.  Just get married already!  Or just call off the wedding already!

Stephanie might be in a pink frumpy outfit, but she is still passive-aggressively making snide comments to Eric about the wedding.

Donna is finally (finally!) in her dress, and looks pretty fabulous.

Katie warns Thorne that Donna doesn't love Thorne the way he thinks she does.  Katie says that Donna doesn't love him and only wants to marry Thorne to make Stephanie pay for every indignity that the Logans have suffered.  Thorne is suspicious that Stephanie put her up to this, but she is adamant.  She may have gotten through to him.

All the guests have arrived and the string quartet begins playing.  Thorne looks pretty upset, even as Donna walks down the aisle.  Wedding music morphs into scary string music as Thorne looks into Donna's eyes suspiciously.  That's it for The Bold and the Beautiful for today.  I am hoping against hope that this wedding nonsense will resolve itself before the weekend.  If they stretch it out into next week, I may stab myself in the eye.

-Debbie Chang
(Image courtesy of CBS)