The Bold and the Beautiful: September 5 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 5 Live Thoughts
Last time on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke may still be in love with Ridge; Donna still wants to marry Thorne but is definitely not in love with him.

Today is the day of the wedding, and Stephanie comes home to find Donna getting the flowers together for the wedding.  Stephanie is furious and asks to speak to Eric in the den, but not before she breaks a vase and kicks over a chair.  A little immature?  Eric and Stephanie argue about Thorne's decision about getting married.  Eric just wants Thorne to be happy and refuses to go along with scheming Steph.

Thorne is on the phone with Ridge when Felicia comes in.  Felicia decolletage is veritably spilling out of strappy blue gown.

Katie comes over to Forrester manor and Donna asks her to be her maid of honor.

Katie agrees to be Donna's maid of honor.  Stephanie does her very best schoolmarm impression and barks at Katie to speak to her in the den.

Up in his room, Thorne is tying his tie and thinking about when he proposed to Donna.  Donna sneaks into his room and kisses him, but Thorne keeps his eyes closed so that he won't see her in her dress.  But surprise, surprise, Donna isn't wearing her dress.  She opens her robe to reveal her lacy white bridal bra and panties.

Jacqueline and Bridget have arrived.

In the den, Stephanie is making a last impassioned plea to Katie, flattering her by saying that Katie is the smart one among the Logan sisters, to be her partner in crime to prevent Donna and Thorne's wedding.  You know, The Bold and the Beautiful is supposed to be about fashion designers, and while everyone else is wearing fabulous gowns, Stephanie is continually dressed in frumpy, shapeless shirts.  Yes, she's a bigger lady, but please, glam her up a bit!

Eric talks shop with Jacqueline.  He wants her to convince her son Nick to give back the name Forrester Creations.

Thorne and Donna are still making out in his room.  It's like he's in high school.  She's a tease, though.  She likes to get him all worked up and then leave.  Jacqueline interrupts to tell them that the caterers have questions.

Katie was supposed to handle the caterers, but as we all know, Katie is dealing with Stephanie.  Stephanie expresses that Thorne only thinks he's in love with Donna, and Donna is only in the relationship to take jabs at Stephanie.

As bored as I am with Stephanie's one-dimensional scheming, I'm glad that the powers that be on The Bold and the Beautiful have seen fit not to include Rick.

Katie shows a bit of backbone and stands up to Stephanie in defense of her sister Donna.  Yay, go Logan sisters.  Stephanie walks in to announce that she will have no part of this wedding.

Jacqueline is doing her best to convince Donna not to go through with the wedding because she thinks that Donna will regret it.  Donna says that she loves the way Thorne loves him, the changes that Thorne will bring to her life and the way Stephanie will hate it once they are married.  Katie walks in to hear this last little bit and asks Donna if Stephanie was right about her.  She asks Donna if she really does love Thorne.  Naturally, we won't get an answer until the next episode.  And that's it for The Bold and the Beautiful for today!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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