The Bold and the Beautiful: September 4 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 4 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful opens with Brooke reading to her kids.  Ridge is still there and just did the dishes.  What a nice little nuclear family we have here on The Bold and the Beautiful.  The kids want to go up to Big Bear to their cabin, and Ridge shrugs his shoulders why not?

Donna is trying on wedding dresses with Jacqueline.  They catch us up on Donna's motivation, how she got involved with Thorne in the first place to get back at Stephanie for taking Brooke's children away from her.  Donna says that Thorne is kind and handsome and an amazing guy, so why shouldn't she want to marry him.  Jacqueline says it's because Donna doesn't love him, which Donna doesn't disagree with.  Thorne comes in and says that they have a problem.

The problem that Thorne is alluding to is that Ally is sick with a bug and may not be well enough to make it to the wedding.  He asks to postpone for a week.  Donna takes off her wedding dress to reveal lacy white underwear and a smokin' bod.

Ashley is still in the fragrance lab with Rick.  Ashley rationalizes that Ridge has been spending so much time with Brooke just for the sake of the kids, but Rick realizes that there may be more to Ridge and Brooke's current relationship.  Right before the commercial break, Ridge arrives at the door of the lab.  "We need to talk," he tells Ashley.

After the break, Katie arrives at Brooke's.  She made chocolate chip cookies for her.  Brooke tells her about their overnight trip to Big Bear tomorrow.  They need the time to reconnect as a family, and Katie realizes that Brooke is still in love with Ridge.

Speaking of Ridge, he explains to Ashley about why he signed the petition to request full custody in the first place.  He says that he doesn't want to take the kids away from her and wants things to be the way they used to be.  "With Brooke?" asks Ashley, suspiciously.  Ridge tells her about their plan to go to Big Bear for the night, but we cut to commercial before Ashley can answer.

Donna is either really good at manipulating Thorne, or Thorne has a strand of spaghetti for a backbone.  Donna convinces Thorne not to postpone the wedding.  Poor guy, she gets him all worked up and then tells him that he has to go so she can get her dress altered.

Ashley is still spouting jealousies of Brooke to Ridge, but he silences all her fears with a passionate kiss.

Katie says allowed to Brooke what everybody is thinking, that Ridge might be dating Ashley Abbot (of the Jabot Abbots from Genoa City) right now, but he's always going to come back to Brooke.  By the way, I really hope that the white collar crimes involving Jabot on The Young and the Restless really don't make their way onto The Bold and the Beautiful.

-Debbie Chang