The Bold and the Beautiful: August 23 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 23 Live Thoughts
The episode starts with an establishing shot of sprawling Middle America, ending with the exterior of Brooke's house.  Inside, Bridget has brought up breakfast for her mom.  Ridge calls and asks where Brooke is.  Brooke has missed Hope's recital.  Since when are recitals scheduled so early in the day?

On the other end of the line, Stephanie is still buzzing evilly around Ridge's ear.  The lawyer is there also and reports that Hope and RJ's biological father has signed a statement of abandonment, leaving Ridge free to file for full custody of the children.

Finally, after much hype, we finally see the stage for the Boldface Challenge.  Constantine and Phoebe meet Constantine's promoter, Don.  Later, Ashley finds Phoebe and reveals that she has something to say about Rick.

Nick has arrived at Brooke's house and runs upstairs past Bridget to find Brooke in her bedroom.  She is distraught, and he immediately knows something is wrong with her.  Not by what she's wearing, though.  She sitting on her bed looking very glam in a lavender silk robe.

Ashley tells Phoebe that she was wrong about Phoebe and Rick.  She apologizes, but Phoebe will have none of it.  Ashley says that Rick is heartbroken over her.

Stephanie is still manipulating Ridge about custody of the kids.  Ridge decides that if he does sign the papers, he's not going to limit Brooke's access to the kids.

Nick is still in Brooke's bedroom and refuses to leave until he finds out why she's holed up in her room.  Brooke looks like she wants to tell him, but doesn't.  Nick finally stops pressuring her for details, offers his support and leaves.

At the Boldface Challenge set, Constantine presents Felicia with a check from the ticket sales proceeds.  He promises that every penny will go to the cancer clinic that saved her life.

It is night now, established by the night time shot of the Brooke's house.  Bridget leaves to go to the Boldface Challenge concert.  Stephanie walks in downstairs--obviously, the alarm has not been set the the security is asleep on the job.  Bridget doesn't see Stephanie as she leaves.  Stephanie goes upstairs to Brooke's room and throws her the usual accusation of promiscuity.  Seriously, Stephanie?  Um, I don't know about you, but I think that women are allowed to have sex nowadays.  Stephanie is really making me want to punch her.

Phoebe is getting her makeup ready for the concert in her dressing room.  Rick is also there, continuing to woo her, but she walks off, leaving him hanging.

Ashley had been at Forrester Manor, talking to Ridge about Brooke.  The two decide to go to Brooke to check on her, since she is probably distraught at having the hearing postponed.

Can you feel the excitement?  The Boldface Challenge concert is on tomorrow!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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