The Bold and the Beautiful: August 21 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 21 Live Thoughts
It is morning.  Brooke, still holding the knife, sits on the couch flashbacking her horrible evening.  The security system guy Everett arrives to rewire the security system and to change the locks.  Brooke also wants a full time security guard to watch the place.

A little later on Dorothy arrives.  She has brought along a trainee to provide a second opinion on Brooke's behavior.

Ridge arrives at Stephanie's where she shows him a picture of Stephanie and Andy on the front page of the paper.  Stephanie is succeeding in planting seeds of doubt in Ridge's mind.

At Brooke's, Dorothy's male colleague reaches out and touches her arm, but Brooke, in a shaky mental state from the previous night's events, recoils and screams, "Get your hands off of me!"  Dorothy decides right then and there to postpone the hearing because she is sure that Brooke's fraught state would work against her today.  Brooke is devastated.

Dorothy calls Stephanie to inform her of the indefinite postponement.  Dorothy doesn't reveal the reason, but Stephanie immediately assumes the worst.  She is beginning to look rather transparent in her single-minded obsession to take Brooke's children away from her.

Brooke's daughter Bridget visits her at the house.  Brooke tells her that the hearing is postponed.  Bridget notices how distraught her mother is and is horrified to find bruises all along her arm.  Commercials

Donna and Thorne get scandalous.  He bought washable markers to give to the kids, but Donna uses them to write on his naked torso.  She writes "Donna's" on his abs, and Stephanie's name crossed out on his back.  Obviously, she thinks that it's high time to for Thorne to cut the apron strings.  They make out.

Back at Brooke's, Brooke lies that she fell in the shower.  Bridget, smart girl, doesn't believe it, but Brooke won't tell her who gave her the bruises.  Brooke gets frantic, and her daughter asks her if she was raped.  The music swells, and there are lots of pained and meaningful staring, but we cut to commercials before Brooke answers.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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