The Bold and the Beautiful: August 20 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 20 Live Thoughts
We open immediately post-assault at Brooke's manner.  They are both fully clothed, but Andy has clearly just raped her.  He continues his evil, mustache-twirling schtick.  She tries to call the police, but he threatens that if she does, he'll see to it that she'll never see her kids again.

Jacqueline and Dominick discuss Brooke's case.  Jacqueline decides that she sympathizes with Brooke and thus, doesn't want to testify against her.

Andy threatens that no one will believe her if Brooke calls the police.  He reminds her of her reputation of being  a sex-addict.  She realizes that he set her up.

At the old folks' home, Eric scolds Stephanie to keep her nose out of Brooke's business. 

Back at Brooke's, Dorothy knocks on the door.  Andy reminds her that she is not to say anything to incriminate him.  Brooke doesn't say anything, but fortunately, it looks like Dorothy is perceptive enough to know that something is wrong.  Commercials.

Old folks' home.  Poor Stephanie is forced to speak clunky, expository lines about Eric's past involving Brooke.

Brooke lies that she was about to go to her sister's house.  Dorothy sees the booze out on the table, and asks if there is someone else in the house.  Dorothy, sensing something amiss, asks if there is someone she can call for Brooke, but with Andy glaring down from upstairs, Brooke says no.  As soon as Dorothy is gone, Andy comes downstairs and makes to rape Brooke again, but she pulls a knife on him and yells for him to get out.  Things are getting intense, to say the least, but allow me a moment on my soapbox.  It's infuriating that storylines like this are so common on soaps, doing nothing but perpetuating the image of the helpless woman.  Brooke is caught between a rock and a hard place here, what with needing to protect her children, but it seems like when an actual rape occurred, you'd think that she would report it because there would be evidence of nonconsensual sex.  They should watch more CSI.

Dorothy goes to Stephanie's to clarify that Brooke has no history with alcohol abuse.  Stephanie advises Dorothy to stop by Brooke's in the morning again to see what she will find.

Back at Brooke's, she manages to stab Andy once in the chest and he leaves.  Brooke locks up, pushing the table against the door and runs upstairs.  Realizing there is blood (and most likely other bodily fluids) on her, she drops the knife into the bathroom sink and frantically tries to wash the memory of the night away in the shower.  Immediately thereafter, Katherine Kelly Lang gives us a PSA about rape.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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