The Bold and the Beautiful: August 17 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 17 Live Thoughts
We open today's episode at Brooke's.  Andy is there, looking menacing in the shadows.  He says that he got in through the terrace door which she always leaves open.  He tries to stay, asking her for some "adult fun."  She insists that he leave, but he pours himself a drink.

Felicia has just arrived home to Stephanie, reporting that Brooke left the restaurant alone.

Phoebe and Rick are still talking about the Bold Face Challenge singing competition.  Phoebe says that she can't sing to him about wanting to spend the rest of her days together.

After the opening credits, Phoebe explains further that singing was the way she and Rick fell in love in the past, so she can't go back to that.  Rick promises that he won't betray her, but she says she can never trust him again.

Brooke asks Andy to leave, but he still refuses.  He's not doing a good job of convincing her to let him stay, what with his creepiness and all.  She shows him the door, but not before he reminds her to turn off the alarm.  This might be important.  He kisses her hand before he leaves.  Maybe there is someone there to take a picture of that?  She turns on the alarm again and goes around to make sure all the doors and windows are locked.  Meanwhile, Creepy Andy stands outside the door in the shadows, looking as creepy as ever.

After the break, Felicia, still in her slinky black dress, visits Constantine in his recording studio.  He sort of looks like Rob Schneider, doesn't he?  I guess B&B doesn't really value looks as much as other soaps do.

Stephanie calls up Andy, who is still standing outside Brooke's door.  He remembers that Stephanie had told her that Brooke hides a key under the flower pot.  Why have an expensive alarm system if you're going to do something boneheaded like that, Brooke?

Brooke is up in her bedroom but hears noises downstairs.  She goes to check out the scene, but find nothing.  As we cut to commercial, we see Andy sneak up behind her and cover her mouth as she tries to scream.

Back from the break, Felicia and Constantine flirt.  Seriously, he is Deuce Bigelow's dorkier twin.  And he has a really high speaking voice, which belies his "bad boy" image on this show.  Felicia thanks him for all that he's done for Phoebe and cancer research by giving him a juicy kiss.

Oh god, Phoebe and Rick are still talking about themselves.  Can they be anymore self-involved?  Why can't these crazy kids just work things out?  She says that even if they can fix things, she's not sure that she wants to.  They are really pushing the boundaries on how many times they can say the same thing over and over using different words.  Big yawn.  Rick tells her that he'll love her forever, but she needs to give him a chance.  This being a soap, she doesn't answer, but instead stares into his eyes soulfully.

Back at Brooke's.  Andy assaults her and tries to take off her clothes, but she knees him in the family jewels and runs downstairs.  She tries to run out the door, but Andy, having recovered rather quickly, grabs her.  Her pins her to the ground, hitting her in the face, and menaces, "You're not going anywhere."

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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