The Bold and the Beautiful: August 16 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 16 Live Thoughts
We open with Brooke and Andy at the restaurant.  Andy has just revealed that he is her secret admirer who gave her the bird in the cage.  He says that they have met before, but Stephanie doesn't remember.  She finally flashbacks and remembers that at that very restaurant, he tried to buy her a drink and when she declined, he yelled nastily.  She tries to go, but he alludes to her child custody case and says that he has some knowledge of family law.

Constantine and Phoebe discuss the Bold Face Challenge.  Phoebe is concerned that she won't be able to sing lovey-dovey lyrics to Rick, but Constantine says that singing is just like acting.

Nick drops in on Stephanie at home to discuss Brooke's case.

Turns out, Andy is a corporate lawyer, but has a sister who does family law.  He sympathizes with Brooke and puts his hand on hers, but at that moment, a paparrazzo snaps their picture.  Brooke narrows her eyes suspiciously at Andy.

Constantine meets with Felicia for bubbly.  Constantine wants to donate the proceeds from the Bold Face Challenge to the clinic that cured her cancer.

Phoebe goes over to Rick's to tell him that she doesn't want to rehearse with him.  He fakes that he lost his voice and when she walks over to check on him, he pulls her in and kisses her.

Nick threatens Stephanie to leave Brooke be.

Felicia espies Brooke on what is seemingly on a date with Andy.  She calls home to Stephanie to dish.

Back to Phoebe and Rick.  She is freaking out about their kiss, but Rick knows there is a spark between them.  Rick monologues about how much he loves her and how passionate she is, making a case for them to get back together.

Brooke arrives home alone, sans secret admirer.  She admirers the bird, which looks like the fakest prop ever to grace the set of a soap opera.  The phone rings and it's Andy.  Turns out he followed her home and is at the front gate.  He tries to worm his way in, but she tells him to just leave it in the mailbox and runs upstairs.

At Stephanie's, she shows Nick the door, but not before he implies that he's on to her.

It's night at Brooke's and Andy has broken into her house, appearing from out of the shadows to the tune of the plastic bird's wooden whistle.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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