The Bold and the Beautiful: August 31 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 31 Live Thoughts
On The Bold and the Beautiful, it is morning and Hope and RJ are having breakfast with Stephanie.  They spent the night with their grandmother, but they say that they miss their mother and can't wait to see her again.  They, like many young children on television, talk as if they have a mild mental disability.  Ashley shows up with her daughter Abby.  Ashley and Stephanie engage in some expository conversation about how Ridge has not been seen since he signed the petition to request full custody.

Meanwhile, Ridge is in Brooke's bedroom, having just brought up a tray of breakfast foods.  They are very sweet with each other.

Nick and Jacqueline are still planning their copyright lawsuit to get the better of those pesky Forresters.

After the opening credits, we're back with Stephanie.  Gosh, she should learn a different tune because her Brooke-bashing is getting old.  Ashley calls Ridge, but Ridge can't explain where he's been all night.  Abby comes downstairs to tell Ashley that she doesn't want to be late for work.  Abby seems to have a mental capacity only slightly larger than RJ's and Hope's.  The Bold and the Beautiful needs a new casting director because these children are horrible.  (I can't stand child actors, if you can't tell.)

Katie comes over to visit Brooke.  Brooke doesn't tell her about the rape, but she tells her that Ridge has decided to drop the lawsuit.  Ridge goes back to Forrester manor to tell the kids that they will be going home to be with their mommy forever.  They use the total of four shared brain cells to let out a weak yay.  They are very excited to see their mommy, you see.

After the break, Ridge calls Stephanie to tell her that he is bringing the kids to Brooke and that he is dropping to lawsuit.  But he only got her voicemail, so we have yet to see Stephanie blow up about this.

Taylor is feeling frisky.  She suspects that her pregnancy from the donor egg is turning her into a sex-crazed monster.  She pull Nick down on his desk and tells him that she has to have him right now.

Ridge comes back to Brooke's bearing the kids.  There is a very cheesy slow-mo sequence with the kids running to her.  Thankfully, they don't have any lines in this scene because there is only so much I can take.

Ashley stops by Stephanie's.  Stephanie insinuates that Brooke probably seduced Ridge to change his mind about the custody.  Stephanie reassures Ashley that Ashley is Ridge's future.

Brooke is still hugging her children.  Ridge and Brooke assure them that they will never be apart from her again.  They also declare that they hate tennis camp, which was Stephanie's idea, and Brooke says they don't have to go.  Brooke thanks Ridge for bringing them home, and they are definitely looking gooily into each other's eyes.  Ridge vows that he will find out how Andy knew so much about Brooke and who his accomplice was.  No wonder Hope and RJ are not very smart because Ridge is too dumb to realize that the accomplice was his own mother.  Meanwhile, Stephanie reads in the paper that Andy was electrocuted on the roof of the Cafe Russe and stares out into space in shock.

And that's it for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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