The Bold and the Beautiful: August 30 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 30 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful begins with a recap of Ridge and Andy on the roof, Andy wielding the electrical metal pole thingie.

A voiceover informs us that the role of Katie Logan is now played by Heather Tom.

Stephanie continues to warn Thorne about Donna.

Ashley calls Ridge and leaves a message on his voicemail from the lab.  She is wearing what looks like a cocktail dress under her lab coat, which is preposterous.  Rick comes by with some paperwork, and tells her that Phoebe dumped him for good.  Ashley looks disappointed.

Brooke and Bridget are at home.  Brooke is worried how Andy learned so much about the details of her life, like when her hearing was scheduled for.  We immediately cut to Andy on the Ridge saying, "A little birdie told me."  Geddit?  He put a bug in the birdcage that he sent to Brooke.  And then woah!  A security guard runs up to the roof, making the pigeons fly away, toward Andy.  Andy loses his balance and hits an electrical box with his electrical metal pole thingie.  Bright flashes and smoke indicate that Andy gets his comeuppance.  The whole effect is very cheesy, very original Batman, but really ups the level of drama on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Donna fills in Katie about all that has transpired in her absence.  Katie worries that Donna might not really love Thorne and is only marrying him to get back at Stephanie.  Donna convinces her otherwise, but the last shot of Donna's face shows that there may be something to Katie's concern.

Ridge comes over to Brooke's to report what has happened.  He tells her that Andy is not going to be a threat anymore because he's dead, punctuated by staccato cellos for effect.

Ashley and Rick are still hanging out in the lab.  Rick says he's planning to bury himself in his work, now that he has so much free time on his hands.  Ashley says that she's still happy in her relationship, but looks up at Rick coquettishly.

Ridge explains what happened to Brooke.  Luckily the security guard saw the whole thing and told the police officer who arrived on the scene later.  Ridge also shows Brooke that Andy had a copy of her housekey in his possession and told her that he had an accomplice.

We immediately cut to Stephanie (See?  She's the accomplice!  The Bold and the Beautiful is quite heavy-handed with the dramatic irony today.) who has arrived at Donna's house.  She tells Katie that there will be no wedding between her son and Donna.

Ashley and Rick talk shop about the Phoebe fragrance, but he spaces out, flashbacking some steamy, steamy love scenes from their past.

Brooke is dumb because she still has not figured out that there was a bug in the birdcage.  Ridge resolves to move forward and find out who Andy's accomplice is.  But Brooke just wants everything to be over and doesn't care who the accomplice is.  Ridge apologizes for doubting Brooke as a mother.  He asks forgiveness, and she grants it.  He promises that he will always be on her side and that she shouldn't be afraid to come to him if she's in trouble.  They stare into each other's eyes and kiss briefly.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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