The Bold and the Beautiful: August 29 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 29 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful opens at the Cafe Russe.  Ridge has espied Andy coming in and the two men eye each other.  Andy knows what's up and makes a break for it.

Eric and Stephanie are evaluating Eric's designs on the models.  Stephanie objects to a particularly lowcut piece as too risque, but Eric says that "skin is always in."  I agree with him.  it's a pretty tasteful dress, and it's not like it's JLo's green Oscar dress.

Donna comes in with a mockup of her wedding invitation.  Donna wants to have it at the Forrester manse, but Stephanie objects.  Eric says it's okay, and Thorne suggests having the wedding next week.

Bridget comes over to support Brooke.  Brooke tells her that Ridge went after Andy.  Brooke decides that she doesn't want to be anyone's victim anymore.  She wants to press charges against Andy as soon as Ridge catches him.

Jacqueline and Nick are still mulling over how to beat the Forresters in fashion.

Andy and Ridge are up on the roof of the Cafe Russe, hurling taunts at each other.

Stephanie and Donna continue to bicker about their wedding.  Eric lays down the law about letting those kids use their house for the wedding.

At the Marone's, Nick realizes that the Forresters' finances are dicey lately, having borrowed money to get their new line, Forrester Originals, off the ground.  But when Nick split from the company, he got ownership of the name.  He and Jacqueline scheme that they can sue for copyright infringement.

Andy and Ridge are still on the roof.  Andy monologues about how Brooke wanted it, twirling his mustache all the while.  Ridge chases Andy up a flight of stairs, but Andy grabs some sort of metal bar that he claims has 50,000 watts running through it.  Pardon my ignorance of rooftop electrical metal bars.  There may actually be a name for it, and not just a convenient and eye-catching prop.  But how is Andy holding onto it without getting fried himself?

Marone's.  Eric calls Nick to let him sell Forrester Creations back to the Forresters, but Nick doesn't bite.  He alludes to his copyright infringement lawsuit that he is planning.

Bridget cleans up the broken pieces of the birdcage that Brooke threw on the floor.  Bridget's little black dress is a tad too tight and she is sporting some quad-boobage there.

The Bold and the Beautiful ends today with the exciting face-off between Ridge and Andy.  Still no punches have been thrown because Andy is still wielding the electric metal bar thing.  He reveals to Ridge that he had an accomplice who "served up Brooke on a silver platter" and who told him that he could find a copy of Brooke'shouse key under the flowerpot.  Ridge, still unaware that the accomplice is his dear mother, says nothing.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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